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I have a RSB-6 soundbar & use it a few time a week.  I am very disappointed with the tiny credit card sized remote control. One by one the buttons have stopped working. Now it has stopped working all together.  Unfortunately there are many functions of the unit only available from the remote (ie: sub volume).  I've hated this thing from day one.  When watching in a dark room I need to get out a flashlight just to see what the buttons are...  This brings me to my question:


Is it possible to get an upgraded remote for this thing?  One with real buttons perhaps?  I can go on e-bay & get another one, but I'd love to have one that is easier to use.  ... I know I can control volume with my other remotes, but I want to be able to set the mode to dialog and adjust my subwoofer volume.


Thanks for any input you all may have to offer!

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I have a RSB-6 soundbar. I replaced the battery and I can see through the camera of my phone that the IR from the remote control is working but the soundbar doesn't react to any command. I have tried to do factory reset to the soundbar and didn't work. There is anyone that have a solution for this?

Also would like to know if its possible to control sub volume and the surround sound effect option through the bottoms in the soundbar.


Update: I found that i can activate the surround effect if you press the volume down and up keys on the soundbar at the same time.

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just an update
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