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I need help syncing my Klipsch RSB-3 soundbar with my TV


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Hi! I tried Google searching this issue with Klipsch soundbars specifically, but the threads on these forums that I found don't seem to really help. I'm going to provide as much information here as I can:


I've been experiencing some very slight audio desynchronization between my Klipsch RSB-3 soundbar and Samsung NU7100 4K TV for the past several weeks (I purchased the soundbar on sale at Best Buy during Black Friday). Usually it isn't that noticeable of a problem as it's by a frame or two, but I have been experiencing it more frequently and with more alarming desynchronization in the last week or so. It seems to have gotten way worse since this past weekend; my Internet was going to shit and experienced lots of issues, which shouldn't impact the soundbar sync (I don't think), but just an observation.


The soundbar is connected to my TV via digital optical cable. I tried removing the power and digital optical cables from the soundbar and TV and plugging them in, which resulted in no change. I tried powering off and on the soundbar and whatever app I was watching. Then I tried adjusting the "Audio Delay" setting in my TV's settings and did not really find a solution there, either. Unfortunately I don't believe my TV has any sort of sync option and the soundbar does not show up as a device in the TV settings, so I'm completely lost on what to try now. It seems like all of my system software (at least on my TV) is up to date, too.


Maybe importantly, when I attempted to turn the audio back to the TV speaker audio, it also kind of seemed like the audio sync was off.. can't say this with 100% certainty though.


To clarify, this has only really become a recent issue. For the most part the audio sync between the soundbar and TV has been acceptable until recently. If anyone needs any further information on any of my settings or devices or anything, please let me know. I'm hoping that I won't have to send the device in or return it for a new one.


Thank you for any assistance!

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