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DIY Kits - Which for Cornwall III's??

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My friend that owns an audio shop hads a customer who sold off her deceased husbands stereo gear, and included in the mix were boxes and boxes of DIY Kits that had been purchased, but never put together. I had some experience building Bottlehead, Tubes4hifi, jdslabs, & Elekit units in the past, so he asked if I could take it all home and help get it all built for him and he would allow me to have a few of the items. After days of digging through all the boxes, I pieced together all the kits (some of them I have already built):


- 6 DiyAudio Amp Camp Kits (Finished 4 of 6)

- 2 Hypex NC400 mono blocks (Finished)

-Aikido All in One Preamp 

- 2 Decware Zkit SE84's

- Elekit tu-8500 Preamp w/ Amtram upgrades (Finished)

-Elekit tu-8340 EL34/KT88 tube amp w/ Lundahl Transformers & Amtram resistor upgrades

- Bottlehead Eros, BeePree Special Edition, & Kaiju Special Edition (already built the Eros)

-2 DiyAudio Passlabs F-4 Amp Clones

-1 DiyAudio Passlabs F-6 Amp Clone


My main question is, which would be the best kit to keep for myself to experience with my Cornwall III's? 


I currently have a Bob Latino VTA-120 and the SP-12 Preamp from Tubes4hifi that I built. I am leaning towards the Bottleheads (300b's would be fun), the Elekit tu-8340 & 8500, or one of each of the Nelson Pass clones.





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