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Which Amplifier is best suitable with Klipsch F 30 Pair


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I need some advice with setting up of my audio system for my drawing room which also doubles up as living room . I own Klipsch F 30 Pair ( Tower Speakers ) as mentioned below 



I would like to plug this to play both analog & digital music. 


I was looking for various amp options ( 2 Channel )  to plug it in but have recieved reviews for Yamaha ( RN 303 / RN 602 ) / DENON / Have been recently suggested Rialto 600 and Quad Elite QSP 


Suggestions would be welcome as my knowledge is limited and looking to set it up for the 1st time. I also intend to attach a streamer like - Yamaha WXC 50 for bluetooth / wifi / streaming 






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Thanks, Glens! This looks like a good option 


I also zeroed down on Yamaha RN 803 which is also of same power and I was reading reviews of it . Seems good and sturdy. More economical / value for money in range of $ 900


Anyone has experienced Yamaha RN 803 ?



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I'm using the little sister.  I paid ~$500 for a refurb from Crutchfield.  If I had to pay full price I'd probably get the C368 with the BlueOS module.  But it certainly meets my needs.  The downside is no tone controls (though I have ever rarely used them, so not so "down" as the "side" could be) and no tape loops or pre-out power-in.  The upside is it's got 3 antennae, 1 each bluetooth in (only my son ever uses that - not AptX so medium quality sound), 2.5 GHz wifi, and 5 GHz wifi, with a very usable DLNA implementation.  The built-in Google Chromecast Audio works well, so long as you're connected to the Internet, 'cause Google's intrusive that way, which is why I mostly never use it.


It seems I've seen something negative about the BlueOS implementation for the C368/388.  I forget what it was.  More of an inconvenience than a show-stopper is all I recall.


I've been a fan of NAD since the late 1970s.  Not that I think it's the best available, but it's likely the best bang for the buck available.  I also like Yamaha gear in general, but a company that spreads itself out as much as they do (power sports, electronics, and musical instruments, at least - all arguably good) just kind of rubs me the wrong way.  Overall, NAD is the first place I look.

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