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"Epic" Theater

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This has been in the works for a while now. It all started nearly two years ago when I fell in love with the sound of Epic CF-3 version 1. I obviously enjoyed how they sounded with music so why not a theater setup using the CF-3's?

This was the first iteration at the home I sold last fall. CF-3 mains, KLF-C7 center, RW-12D sub, Denon AVR 4806 receiver. Nice setup but improvements can be made.

20180817_193231 resized.jpg

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The plan for the new space includes several upgrades:

Sub upgrade
TV upgrade
Receiver upgrade
"More" CF-3's.... 

The space I'll be using is in my basement and while it's not perfect, I think I can get pretty good sound in an area that's about 13' wide and 21' long. I should also mention that there's adjoining areas so it's not an enclosed space.

Phase One:
The first step will be getting the area cleared out as it's currently full of boxes. Next, I'll place all the gear in there to "get me by" until Phase Two can begin. I hope to have Phase One completed later this week with some pictures and details on future plans.

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Well clearly I'm not making the progress I had originally hoped.

I did however make a number of baby steps over the last few weeks.

1. Wife agrees that she'll paint if I just move stuff & take off outlet covers and such.
2. Moved lots of big, heavy gear from main floor to the basement.
3. Dropped off 2 amps to get them looked over and have out-of-spec parts updated
4. Purchased 3rd amp (needs to be dropped off for repair)
5. I "test-fitted" the gear in the space I'm working with. Still needs a listening session to verify it'll work.

Preamp/Processor: Denon AVR-5308Ci 
Amplification: Dynaco MkIII for Left, Center and Right. Dynaco ST-70 for Rears. Full tubes list is TBD.
Main Speakers: Epic CF3 version 1 for all 5 channels
Subwoofers: Pair of R-115SW
Disc Players: Denon DVD-3800BDCi, Denon DCM-560, Denon DVD-3910
Other Sources: Sonos Port and (hopefully coming soon) Bluesound Node 2i, TiVo for OTA HD signal and Netflix, Prime, Hulu...
Display: 60" Pioneer Elite PRO-151FD
Power Management: Monster Power HTPS-7000
Control: Harmony 900
Cables: Monster and Audioquest

Future Goals:
1. Re-do lighting
2. Demolish old gas fireplace and shelving for more seating room 
3. Some sort of platform/stage setup



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I know for a fact that will sound AMAZING! 

I had some Epic CF3's for many years (still miss them) the matching center and rears and I had two def tech 18" subs (in an apartment).


I ran the front three with Marantz MA-700 monoblocks and 500s for the rears. 

I am not kidding you, I could create so much sound pressure and low bass that when watching saving private ryan when Tom Hanks is shooting the tank coming in (before the planes blow the tank up), if you closed your eyes you'd swear to god the tank was outside the building. That is how much the things in the room moved. The shaking was unbelievable. 


In fact it was during that scene (I obviously had it cranked to make gunshots sound real) that I did something to my air conditioning as is rattled from that day forward,  a plaster bookshelf walked off the fire place mantle and fell and the cops were called on me. LOL

EPIC CF3's FTW!!!!


I created a theater for a movie director in Los Angeles using 7 Thiel CS 2.4's all the way around. You simply can not match the sound when using 3 identical speakers for the mains. The panning is just so smooth and perfect. I imagine your set up will sound the same. 

I have to say...I am kinda jealous! :D

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