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  1. This is interesting. "Second wave" of CV1984 unlikely. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/politics/scottish-politics/2175148/coronavirus-second-wave-of-deadly-virus-described-as-very-unlikely-by-expert/
  2. By this argument, the entire thread should have been shut down or at the minimum the videos posted by other members should have been removed but that is not what has happened. Those actions infer bias and the resulting actions show abuse of power. Secondly, my dismissal of Klipsch products has nothing to do with the ability to link to outside resources, but Orwellian abuse of power by people who disagree with the information I have shared. Its childish full stop. Lastly, nothing I posted goes against forum moderation. I would like this escalated to a superior.
  3. No such thing as hate speech. . . . [well that's a troubling thought. This is a private audio forum for Klipsch fans. There are plenty of other places for you to have those conversations and express your views. Klipsch doesn't want or need this place to be a springboard to the off beat stuff. The people here are plenty smart to go off and find these things on their own, they don't need people to share the links. I'm sorry YouTube is blocking videos, but we just don't need people to help us find the hidden. I'm sorry to hear that your appreciation for the best speakers made is dependent upon your ability to link to outside sources having nothing to do with audio, PWK, or Klipsch speakers].
  4. [Removed here too. Please do not link to bitchute or similar sites. They promote and allow hate speech, something not allowed or tolerated here in any form, even by indirect links]. This video has been repeatedly removed from you tube.
  5. Its not just the realm of possibility, many hospitals are in fact doing exactly this. The covid 19 death rate is inflated.
  6. What is worse. A. Covid 19 B. Collapse of the economy (no food = murder en masse) Forget the massive amount of doctors coming out left and right telling us that the effects of covid 19 are FAR FAR less than predicted. The death toll FAR less than predicted. Forget that the death numbers have been padded. Forget that the "virus" seems to encapsulate the symptoms of just about every illness known to man and this varies from person to person. If none of that makes you skeptical, or question what is going on, then I have some oceanfront property to sell you in Arkansas for pennies on the dollar. But even that being said. None of that matters if we stay inside thinking we are making a difference while the economy around us collapses. I can tell you for certain, 100% that when people are being kicked out of their homes from no money, have no food due to a lack of money that poo will hit the fan. If that continues and we lose power and or water....games over. If Covid mortality rate was 25%, we would STILL be better off working and keeping the economy afloat. Study the Holodomor, people die FAST in the 10's of millions when food and water are not readily available.
  7. There is a reason the magazine is called Stereofool. The ONLY way to determine how good or bad a speaker is going to sound to you is in your room with your gear.
  8. Ya, food intake is the primary culprit. Food with a high purine count can wreak havoc for people whos bodies crystalize those purines. Shell fish, read meat, some fish, turkey, spinach, asparagus (although I think the jury is out on high purine veggies causing gout) have high purine counts. Those purines gather around joints (I am guessing from gravity, usually feet) and crystalize. This causes massive inflammation and places jagged crystals in the joints. So bending a toe is near impossible due to inflammation and sheer pain of trying to bend a joint with stabby crystals in it. Gout sucks. Changing diet or going on medication (allopurinol) seem to be the only way to combat it. I don't like taking drugs, so I just try to not eat as much red meat. I think milk helps it, and I know potassium does. I have found that if I start to feel the twinge of gout coming on, the best thing to do is eat lightly, non high purine foods, sometimes fasting helps and to drink a ton of water and lemon water. Not lemonade, sugar is bad news, but lemon squeezed into a glass of water. Might have to do this for 2-3 days or a week, but it beats dealing with it if you get a full on attack. Gout is amazingly crippling and painful.
  9. Potassium (bananas, potatoes) and Lemon water do wonders for me (outside of staying away from anything with a high purine count). I squeeze half a lemon into a glass and mix it with about 16oz of water and chug that. Do that 3x a day or so. Obviously staying hydrated and chugging water is essential for gout, but the lemon really works for me. Dark cherries are supposed to help with inflammation, but I don't think I ever really saw any benefit. Lemons seem to be key for gout and kidney stones, at least uric acid ones. I sincerely wish you the best. I know full well what its like to hobble and not sleep. Where a thin, light weight sheet resting on your foot sends enough pain to almost make you pass out.
  10. Hello all. May I get a member who owns a Heresy III to measure the speakers cabinet in height without the stands. I may purchase a Heresy III to place in a stereo cabinet without the stand. The sides and depth are not an issue but I think it will come close in height. It currently will not fit with the dimensions listed on the Klipsch literature for the Heresy III, but I assume those dimensions include the stand. If this is the case, they may fit without the stand attached. Thank you.
  11. Her song has recorded distortion, your speakers are fine. They most likely sound "worse" (in actuality better) than the 600's because they are a better speaker. The Smashing Pumpkins song Ava Adore has a recorded distortion at the start of the track as well.
  12. How does the Heresy IV compare to the Forte III?
  13. If they act like traditional speakers, they will absorb sound. Sound is nothing but air moving right? Every time a speaker moves, other speakers in the room will compress. This will help deaden the sound, esp in live room. As far as working to treat bass issues with reflections and cancellations etc, I really cant say if they would work well or not.
  14. I know for a fact that will sound AMAZING! I had some Epic CF3's for many years (still miss them) the matching center and rears and I had two def tech 18" subs (in an apartment). I ran the front three with Marantz MA-700 monoblocks and 500s for the rears. I am not kidding you, I could create so much sound pressure and low bass that when watching saving private ryan when Tom Hanks is shooting the tank coming in (before the planes blow the tank up), if you closed your eyes you'd swear to god the tank was outside the building. That is how much the things in the room moved. The shaking was unbelievable. In fact it was during that scene (I obviously had it cranked to make gunshots sound real) that I did something to my air conditioning as is rattled from that day forward, a plaster bookshelf walked off the fire place mantle and fell and the cops were called on me. LOL EPIC CF3's FTW!!!! I created a theater for a movie director in Los Angeles using 7 Thiel CS 2.4's all the way around. You simply can not match the sound when using 3 identical speakers for the mains. The panning is just so smooth and perfect. I imagine your set up will sound the same. I have to say...I am kinda jealous!
  15. Ya, you definitely don't want a class A amp. I really don't know what to recommend but what I can say is that the forte don't use power. My amp has a meter in the middle and I believe when it goes past the middle is when it goes into AB (at 10 watts). I have never seen the needle move past the 1/2 mark, or actually even come close to it. I cranked the fortes tonight until the meter started moving and it was loud and punchy and the woofers barely moved. I think will give out long before this speaker does. Personally I would not be afraid to try something lower powered. Have you tried the PS audio Sprout https://www.psaudio.com/products/sprout100-integrated-amplifier/ its a tiny integrated but should work well with the forte iii
  16. I am using a Pass Labs X-150.5. I purchased it when I purchased the Thiels that the Klipsch replaced. The Thiels need a lot of power to work right. The Pass stuff is expensive, but you might find a reasonable deal on the used market. I think my amp used would go for 1700 USD to 2500 depending on condition. I love it! Its class A for the first 10 watts I think then goes into AB, but it runs hot. If you go that route make sure you have good air conditioning.
  17. I would imagine your Bryston should work perfectly. Wattage is like horse power, you are only using what you need. Your car is not always out putting its max horse power, its the same with an amp. Its ALWAYS better to have a higher wattage amp controlling a speaker than a low wattage one. You blow speakers faster by running out of power than you do with too much. With too much power the listener usually gives up before the speakers do. I am running a pass labs X-150.5 on some new Forte III's (had them for 29 hours) and it sounds great (sans typical room issues). Its a 150x2 amplifier but most of his designs are conservatively rated. I have seen others with powerful amps and efficient Klipsch speakers and not have any issues. I would not worry at all about mating the Bryston to the Klipsch. In fact out of all my concerns/questions about buying the Forte III's the only thing I did not fear was them working with my amp. Hope this helps. EDIT to add more: Speakers are usually passive devices (unless they have an amp build into the cabinet) and only do what they are told to do. Sound is really nothing more than air (in our medium) molecules moving inside a room that makes our ear drums move, our brain then interprets the sound. Speakers do one thing, move air. The amp moves the speaker. The better the amp, the better control it will have on the speaker and usually a better sound. Bryston makes fabulous stuff!
  18. I completely agree. I used to tell people all the time and try to explain why in detail how the number one component in their system is their room. The best gear in the world, cost no object will still sound terrible if set up wrongly, in the wrong type of room. But most folks buying stereo equipment do not really understand the fundamentals of sound and how sound is created and why the room is so important. I think spending stupid amounts on cable is ridiculous as well. I would always sell descent stuff that was shielded/grounded, but rarely the good stuff. IMO a good solid termination and keeping the copper free from air are the most important things (outside of the proper gauge). I just don't like to see people promote the dismissal of trying better cables because I have experienced on too many occasions where the better cable made a huge impact on the sound. I will be the first one to say why (usually doing with gauge size again) and I often dismiss the "better sound" of the 5000 cable but that does not mean buying a less expensive cable would not make a difference. I sold transparent audio cable, they make some ridiculously expensive stuff. They also have a brick inline of their cable with electronics in it, and it does alter the sound. The argument was if the cable made as much impact on the sound of a system vs lets say a preamp and the cable cost less...which one makes the most sense to purchase. The cheaper (albeit expensive cable) or the preamp? Also, I find (not accusing you or insinuating this is the case) that most people who claim cable is BS, never actually listened to it or tried it out. Its like anything else, try it out if it works then go for it. If it does not work then don't make that purchase. I have no issues with that at all, I just don't like to see people told not to try something because someone else did not hear a difference. Its an injustice to the folks who might otherwise try something and actually hear a difference. A GREAT example is in fact Klipsch speakers. I sold my Epic CF's back in the day because I listened to the audiophile snobs with their martin logans and B&W's etc. They were always making fun of my Klipsch telling me they were junk. Even though I liked the sound, I listened to them and sold the stuff. Ever since then I have not enjoyed my system as much as I did when I had the Klipsch. The only reason I own a new pair of Forte III's now is because I threw out what all my old peers told me about Klipsch and instead I listened with my ears and my body. Its the same for cables. The response should not be "they don't make a difference" and instead should be "try them in your system to see if you hear a difference". Everyones ears hear differently. In fact some people extend beyond 20khz. I am lucky to hear 16.5 myself. EDIT: Lastly, for some folks cable is like jewelry, it does nothing but look cool...and for folks who have money to burn (I don't), they like the looks and so they buy it. I had customers upsell themselves into expensive cable just because of the looks. I have not sold audio since around 2006 (do graphic design now) but you meet all types of customers with a bazillion different needs. It's a crazy community, that's for damn sure.
  19. I cant say about the oxygen free stuff. All I know is that I hooked up a stereo with solid green cord (I thought it was the color of the jacket) until we turned the stereo on. Swapping out the oxidized cable for non oxidized cable was a literal night and day difference and a late 60's man with two hearing aids could tell. As far as wall receptacles. I dunna, I never listened to see if they made sound better or not. I would guess not, but I have not observed it so I can not say as an absolute. As far as power cords. I have to disagree on that one. I have swapped power cords out and made substantial differences. In fact my intro into power cords was taking my failing PC to the stereo shop I worked at and having my boss diagnose the PC (he was a super computer geek). We determined the PC acted as if it was not getting enough power, he thought the power supply was failing, but decided to swap out cables first to start with. Upon swapping out the cable, PC fired right up, no issues and never gave another issue. I ultimately replaced it with a new pc but who knows how long it would have run. But the bottom line is the fix was a power cable. Now, does that mean a better power cable that is 5000 dollars will sound better, not necessarily but what made my PC work vs not working was simply the gauge size. We cut open the Chinese power cord that came with my power supply (antec) and measured it in shop. It was a whopping 22ga (phone cord is 24). So its clear that the gauge was the issue and why the better power cord made a HUGE impact on my PC operating or not. Now, take that same Chinese power cord and hook it to your amp vs buying a power cord with 14-12ga. I guarantee you the thicker copper will make the system sound better. Does this mean a 5000 dollar power cord will sound better than a 14ga el cheapo from Hope Depot, I don't think so, but again I have never compared them. I am going to play devils advocate for a second though. I see a lot of people giving manufactures grief for selling "high end" power cords, its snake oil blah blah. Yet these same people have no issues buying jewelry, or clothing both of which have markups FAR beyond what MOST power cables have. I mean we are talking 700 points of margin and more. Cables from a store have about 65%, speakers about 40 to 50 points, electronics less. TVs about 10. Computers about 8-10. I don't like being taken for a ride as much as they next guy, but people lose sight (not accusing you) of what it takes to run these businesses which do not have the margin that many other businesses get the luxury of. Power cords help to increase the margin.
  20. Speaking of the next Klipsch speaker. How about the Forte Horn set with 2 8's in a folded cabinet for a center speaker. I prefer the limited ebony finish with the salt and pepper grills please. (I don't know if 2 8's would even work in a cabinet like that, just putting out this post for fun...but seriously we need a center channel for the heritage line or ima stick with 2 channel).
  21. One thing I will say about not using bare copper is that over time copper oxidizes and will turn green and the affect is EXTREMELY noticeable, I mean you could blind listen all day against a corroded set and a pure set and pick out the difference without fail, its that noticeable (obviously depending on the degree of oxidation). I could put it another way. I had a customer who had two hearing aids and wanted me to use his green speaker wire (corroded copper), I did and system sounded like crap. I went to the shop and got some 14ga stuff that was a buck a foot. Made him 2 8 foot runs and swapped the cable out. He heard the difference and had two hearing aids. It was not even his system (he had no care for stereos), it was his wife's system so he had no dog in the fight. What I seriously doubt though is if you can tell a difference between bare copper and terminated ends.
  22. CONGRATS!!!! I ordered mine over a week ago, they came in today. My friend, they are well worth the wait. I am absolutely LOVING the Forte III's. I mean...I dont' understand how they can sound this good out of the box. I can only imagine they will get that much better. People said I would love these, but the excitement these are giving me is so much more than that. Truly wonderful speakers.
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