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  1. The Heresy IV is so far above the II and III for me, with my room and gear that it's not even up for any debate. The room makes the most difference, followed by how you set up the speakers for said room. Then your listening spot has to be dialed in along with the setup. The AMP, DAC, PRE AMP, and yes, even cables make changes to the sound. Then we have our ears, which are all different as well. I have spoken with many who have Klipsch and most of them never think about the quality of their amplification or upstream gear. Most feel it is "all the same", with it is 100% not. For example, my $3000 Naim Atom sounds better wit my Heresy IV than a $26,000 Integrated amp does. It's synergy but the Iv's have a much wider soundstage, much better imaging and they disappear easily. Bass is slightly better than the III but just enough to make it more cohesive. The II's for me sounded muffled yet hard and had no real qualities I enjoyed. The III's are darker sounding and lack that big midrange presence that the IV has. So these will sound different for everyone, in every space and some amps, gear, etc will NOT get along with them well. What I get from the Heresy IV when powered with an amp that loves them is a huge wall of sound that is detailed yet leans slightly warm. The midrange is preheated out and voices are huge, full and 3 dimensional. The soundstage for me expands to the walls, and the voices float a good 2-3 feet above the speakers right in between them. They disappear completely and only lack in that "oomph" lower bass region where they do nicely but will not blow you out of the water with bass. I prefer the HIV qualities more than the CWIV but the CWIV paints a much bigger musical picture and has more of that "oomph" some of us like. I review gear but also always mention that the room and setup matter most of all followed by quality amplification, DAC, etc. For example, I placed some $6500 speaker cables on my HIV's and they turned nasty bright and harsh. Slapped on some $25 copper cables and they sounded amazing. Synergy matters.
  2. I own CWIv's and Heresy IV's and have had Forte III's here as well. I used to own the CWIII and HIII. The IV's are a huge step up from the III. I went through testing many amps with these speakers, ranging from a Naim Atom all in one to a $26,000 Vinnie Rossi L2i SE that uses 300B tubes for the pre amp. Luxman (Class A), Octave (all tube), a Line Magnetic 845 SET amp and others were tested here. I ended up with my Cornwall IV's in my 12X13 room powered by a Naim Atom. This gives me 3D imaging, a huge soundstage, ethereal sound with an amazing midrange, deep tight never boomy bass and expanded highs. Full, punchy and never flat or harsh. This is the best I have been able to get the CW's to sound and same with the Heresy IV's. This Atom blow me away at what it offers for the money, and it's a steal as is. Streamer, Dac, Amp, Display, and a true high end build and sound. Perfect synergy with current Klipsch Heritage models. As for the Heresy IV vs CW IV... the Heresy has a more open soundstage, a more forward midrange and better imaging/3D depth. They disappear easily. The CW IV's offer more with a fuller deeper sound, massive scale and while they do not disappear like the Heresy IV's they offer a more "complete" sound. In my small 12X13 room they are NEVER too much, and they sound open and transparent. So I settled on these Cornwall's for my main room with the Atom. Even hooked up my turntable and it sounds better than it does on my higher end pieces. I have been into HiFi for 30 years. I have reviewed many pieces and have had companies send me gear to review, Klipsch being one of them. This CW IV and Atom system is insanely satisfying, oddly addicting and is hassle free. No cables needed, no DAC needed, no streamer needed, no amp needed...it's all built in and took 15 minutes to set up and start listening. The CWIV and Heresy IV, IMO, are the best versions without question of these legendary speakers.
  3. I have tried many integrated with Klipsch Heritage, and I own a set of Heresy IV and Cornwall IV. I recently acquired and reviewed a Naim Atom and I have never heard the Cornwall's sound better. It even bests my Vinnie Rossi L2i SE integrated which costs 8X more. I am moving the Atom to a room with the heresy IV's and will buy a Naim Nova for the Cornwall's. Not bright, not harsh, not analytical or fatiguing. The Atom blew my mind, and even challenged my belief system as to what could be done with an all in one.
  4. I own the IV, used to own the III (loved the III). The IV is improved all across the board. Much nicer high end that is sparkly, expansive and adds more life over the III, which sound duller in comparison. The midrange is beautiful in the IV and improved on the III. Voices have texture, life and project out in a lifelike way. The Bass...still sounds sealed to me but has deeper bass. It is still as tight as the III in my room. Two feet out into the room. I get a deeper bass output over the III and as a result these speakers sound just so well balanced. The soundstage is wider, imaging is improved and these can do the 3D holographic thing very well. Better than my Dynaudio Special 40's, of which I just sold as I much prefer the H IV. The port is a good thing and bass is as fast and tight as I have experienced. No flab, flub and no loose bass. These are simply amazing for what they cost. In fact. I would charge $5k per pair if I made them, and I would be happy with them if I paid $5k. But your room and amp and source will make a huge difference in how they sound for you vs me. The room is the biggest factor. These are the perfect size for my room. Tried them on stands, as I did with the III. Just as with the III they sound much worse on stands and sound just right as they were designed to be, sitting on the floor. Anyone who has the III and is thinking of upgrading, I urge you to listen or demo if you can. As with all of these Heritage speakers, the Heresy IV is a lifetime speaker. If you have a smallish room (Mine is 12X13) they are unreal, without a sub. I'm not a fan of subs, even expensive ones, for 2 channel so I am thrilled that these do just perfect without one in my room. Larger room? Add a sub or go up the chain to the Forte III or Cornwall IV. Bottom Line? This is a fantastic update to a legendary speaker. Well worth the $3k price tag. I have had speakers in here that cost anywhere from $250 to $40,000. These Heresy IV's are some of the best I have had here. I use a Vinnie Rossi L2i SE integrated amp with 300B's, the L2 DAC, a Zen MINI MKIII streamer with Phoenix USB Reclocker. SwissCables Diamond for speaker. The IV's also scale well. The better you feed them, the better they will sound.
  5. Did a video and written review of these. Love them.
  6. Thanks all. They are surpassing my expectations and are for me, well worth the cost. Also, I saw someone mention fancy USB cables. I have seen some at $2k and of course we can buy one for $10 on Amazon that will work great. But when you get into equipment that can be ultra revealing you can easily hear differences in cables, wether it is speaker, analog IC's or yes even digital. I have several USB cables here and all sound different. Will the more expensive sound better? No, not always. I do not think chasing USB Cales are worth it as the differences can be small or non existent for most. As for the Heresy IV's, ahh they are so so so good. Love them.
  7. So I have a set of Walnut Heresy IV here and have been listening to them non stop. I used to own the III and also had the Cornwall III here for a while. I reviewed both of the "III's" last year. While I have the new Cornwall IV coming first week of March for review, I can already say that these Heresy IV's are astonishing. Yes they are ported, yes they are slightly taller and narrower but WOW they are so much more detailed, they image like crazy and they are extremely transparent. Compared to my Dynaudio Special 40's, the Heresy IV's offer a much larger sound, are equal on imaging and have a more detailed treble (but in a good way, the S40 is a tad soft in comparison). I am shocked by these IV's actually as they are, for me, a huge improvement on the III's. No longer a sealed design, the bass presence is bigger but never ever bloated, loose or flabby. It's just as tight as sealed and I can not even tell they have a port. Two feet from the back wall, about 1 1/2 ft from the sides and 8 ft from the listening spot in my 12X13 room the sound is heavenly. Low volume or high, they never lose composure. As for the price increase to $3k per pair, these are beating my Special 40's and those are $3k without stands. If I did not know anything about the Heresy IV I would assume they were $5k after listening to them. With that said, they are now absolutely perfect in my room. No sub needed whatsoever and the vocals/mids are mind blowing good. I now hear texture in voices and artists seem larger than before, and more into the room. These do the 3D thing, soundstage thing and sound to me like a superb audiophile speaker that can rock, boogie and seduce with some warm jazz late at night. Quite different from the III as with these, the transparency is so great I can see through the music rather than having it thrown at me. I am shocked, surprised yet 100% happy with the way Klipsch went about changing up this design and with the Heresy IV. I will have a long form review and video here soon and also one on the Cornwall IV's. To those wondering about these being ported now..do not! They are amazing and that extra but of bass truly makes these shine, as does the tweeter and new mid horn. So lifelike...human...tangible. Loved the III's but adore these even more. Have to be heard to be believed. Now, I am using them with some nice gear. A Vinnie Rossi L2iSE integrated w/L2 Dac, Zen Mini MKIII, Swisscables Diamond for speaker cables. USB is an Audioquest Diamond.
  8. Hey guys! I recently bought some Cornwall III speakers. I am selling them and they are only one week old, for $1600, for the pair. Yes, the pair. Here is why. When they arrived, one had some shipping damage to two corners, front right and back right on one speaker. Nothing else, that is all. Everything else is perfect, including the sound. Also, I realized they are too large for my room. As good as they sound in here (running tubes) they are just massive for my small room. So I will be ordering Forte III, as they are more suited to my room size. In any case, someone can get a great deal on these at $1600 for a pair. I have boxes and paperwork. Only a week old. I was able to get a partial refund so selling them for just under what I paid for them. See images for the damage. They really do sound incredible but with some music, when turned up, the bass can get to be a little too much. If I had a larger room, they would be staying. LOCAL PICKUP only though for anyone in Phoenix AZ. I also have a pair of Walnut Heresy III with 70th Anniversary grilles. $950 for the pair.
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