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  1. Unless you have recorded every single sale you can't say that is even the average cost. I can speak from personal experience that I got a great deal on my speakers, thanks to Neal. I would never sell mine for your average price. I've had friends offer me two to three times what I've paid. I wonder what my CP-1's are worth? They will be for sale soon. How many sales of speakers do you think take place off of this forum? The list is a good starting point if someone knows absolutely nothing about Klipsch speakers.
  2. I will have to figure out how to post pics again. Been a while. Those look original, but the tops look like the back have bee cut from a point to be flat vs a triangle. You can say anything is overpriced, but if someone is willing to pay the price then it isn't, I would't pay 9k for them for sure, but who's to say someone wouldn't pay it?
  3. I'm pretty sure those aren't 51 khorns. The wood is too thick and 51's didn't have AA crossovers. Nice speakers though.
  4. Too bad someone painted the one. Do you have the grill clothes?
  5. I would say that an average over a period of a decade isn't really that valid, as a history, yes, as a present value indicator I would say not. I I have several speakers, including a pair of CP-1's and I see them selling for more than the "average" on that list. The best way would be to just do a search in the Garage Sale section on the model you are looking to sell.
  6. Are these prices for just 2020? I have a pair of early 50's Khorns that I would never sell for the price you have listed. I see you have speakers from even the 90's, I would say these prices are a bit out dated, no offense.
  7. I have one too, love it. You should have no problem selling it.
  8. Too bad you so many people deleted all of their posts and a lot of the older content is unavailable at all. There were so many good posts about how Juicy Music was formed, and so many other knowledgeable posts.
  9. I was here when he left. A lot of great, knowledgeable people have left here. I check in once and a while, but not like I did. I have been a member for 17 years, wow.
  10. Does Mark even answer emails from people anymore? I use to email him once and a while and he told me how to hook up my Tercel to my Peach as kind of a super Blueberry. It was in a thread and as we know all of his posts are gone. This, is in my opinion, a huge tragedy. I miss those days actually. Does anyone know what size screws the ones are that hold the wooden case to the Peach? I guess emailing Mark would be futile.
  11. Need to get back to Michigan.
  12. Wish you were here and Mother. Ironically I was doing major cleaning and realized I had 4 versions of the Wall.
  13. I bought vintage Khorns several years ago. One is a 54 and one a 56. Both wooden horns and have new crossovers. My amps are two vintage McIntosh MC250's bi-amped. The pre is a Juicy Music Peach. This sounds great to me. I have also used a single MC2100 and it was very good as well. I experimented with a Scott 299c and 222c as well. To me the bi-amped system sounds the best. It's all subjective. I say experiment, there is no set answer, what fun would that be. Good luck
  14. I have been listening to more music during this "event". I wonder if anyone else is appreciating their system more. My upstairs system is an MX-117, MC2100, Oppo CD, and Herseys. I have been listening to music much more because I am overloaded with virus talk. I forgot how good vintage Mac and Klipsch go together. Been a long time since I've posted on the forum, any other long timers coming back on because of the virus?
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