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  1. Wish you were here and Mother. Ironically I was doing major cleaning and realized I had 4 versions of the Wall.
  2. I bought vintage Khorns several years ago. One is a 54 and one a 56. Both wooden horns and have new crossovers. My amps are two vintage McIntosh MC250's bi-amped. The pre is a Juicy Music Peach. This sounds great to me. I have also used a single MC2100 and it was very good as well. I experimented with a Scott 299c and 222c as well. To me the bi-amped system sounds the best. It's all subjective. I say experiment, there is no set answer, what fun would that be. Good luck
  3. I have been listening to more music during this "event". I wonder if anyone else is appreciating their system more. My upstairs system is an MX-117, MC2100, Oppo CD, and Herseys. I have been listening to music much more because I am overloaded with virus talk. I forgot how good vintage Mac and Klipsch go together. Been a long time since I've posted on the forum, any other long timers coming back on because of the virus?
  4. My 54 has the 1/2 inch wood, the 56 the 3/4 inch. I will try to find the thread with the pictures of them.
  5. Looks like the Deoxit did the trick, back to quality sound.
  6. I have two older Khorns, not as old as yours, but from the 50's. Even then it looks like it was a pretty small shop and Lloyd M built, or at least had a large hand, with mine as well. If possible could you post more pictures?
  7. A lot lighter, and cheaper than having real speakers.
  8. I have an earlier Juicy Music Peach. The one with the black plastic faceplate, before the metal ones. I can get the case off, so I will do that. I just tried my deoxit and it was empty, so I need to get some more of it. I have one more surgery on Monday, so it will have to wait a few days.
  9. Thanks Neil, it was hit or miss for a month or two, but I'm healthier now then I was.
  10. Yes, every day is a gift from here on out.
  11. To make a long story pretty short. I had a very serious medical condition in July of 2018, 3 1/2 months in the hospital and about 13 months in a physical rehab center. Well I'm back home now and I finally had a chance to listen to my 2 channel system. It consist of a Peach preamp, an Njoe Tjoeb CD player, two MC250's and vintage Khorns. Well I turned the system on and it worked fine, at first. Then I turned the channel balance knobs on the peach and got a bunch of static from both speakers. I turned the system off and turned all of the knobs numerous times. I turned it back on and let it play for about one half hour. There was no more static when the knobs were in the same place, but the static started again when I turned them. Should I spray the controls with deoxit and see what happens or do you think there is a more serious problem? I don't want to damage anything. Can leaving a system idle for 15 months cause any damage.
  12. I guess I should have read more closely, my friend grew up two streets over from where he lived.
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