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  1. I guess I should have read more closely, my friend grew up two streets over from where he lived.
  2. I was hoping to see my khorn in the video.
  3. Could Raw on a label be raw gum? Why . was that hard to work with?
  4. kuisis


    I was wondering if anyone had any Pcats for sale, or if Mark might have a pair or two at his place.
  5. I drove to Detroit to get my Khorns. Well worth the trip. To me the thing I noticed most is that they are like microscopes. Bad recordings are bad times one hundred. My friends really like to listen to the remastered version of The Wall through my system. I listen to every kind of music and if it's a quality recording it will sound great. Enjoy your new Horns.
  6. Why are all of these old threads being brought back? It is interesting seeing people who are no longer on the forum back when it was a little more wide open.
  7. I have number 779, and 1096. They sound great. If I lived closer I would think about picking this up. Congratulations on your sale.
  8. I drove from Pittsburgh to just outside of Detroit for mine. Had a ranger and stood them up int he bed, facing each other with padding between and the tops in the cab, it was an extended cab. I would say the best thing to do would bring a person to help. If it weren't for Neal, DIzrotus on here, and his son, I wouldn't have been able to manage. They are very heavy. Good luck.
  9. I have a 54 with the EV and a 56 with the Stephens. Listening right now.
  10. So far the glue in mine have lasted for 63 and 61 years.
  11. How many private messages did you get?
  12. I thought you were talking about the penguin in my avatar.
  13. I was just browsing some literature that came with my Khorns and they had K.L.A stamps on the price sheet and brochure from 54. I'm guessing they finished the speaker up there and sold it as a whole unit.
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