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  1. I would say that an average over a period of a decade isn't really that valid, as a history, yes, as a present value indicator I would say not. I I have several speakers, including a pair of CP-1's and I see them selling for more than the "average" on that list. The best way would be to just do a search in the Garage Sale section on the model you are looking to sell.
  2. Are these prices for just 2020? I have a pair of early 50's Khorns that I would never sell for the price you have listed. I see you have speakers from even the 90's, I would say these prices are a bit out dated, no offense.
  3. I have one too, love it. You should have no problem selling it.
  4. Too bad you so many people deleted all of their posts and a lot of the older content is unavailable at all. There were so many good posts about how Juicy Music was formed, and so many other knowledgeable posts.
  5. I was here when he left. A lot of great, knowledgeable people have left here. I check in once and a while, but not like I did. I have been a member for 17 years, wow.
  6. Does Mark even answer emails from people anymore? I use to email him once and a while and he told me how to hook up my Tercel to my Peach as kind of a super Blueberry. It was in a thread and as we know all of his posts are gone. This, is in my opinion, a huge tragedy. I miss those days actually. Does anyone know what size screws the ones are that hold the wooden case to the Peach? I guess emailing Mark would be futile.
  7. Need to get back to Michigan.
  8. Wish you were here and Mother. Ironically I was doing major cleaning and realized I had 4 versions of the Wall.
  9. I bought vintage Khorns several years ago. One is a 54 and one a 56. Both wooden horns and have new crossovers. My amps are two vintage McIntosh MC250's bi-amped. The pre is a Juicy Music Peach. This sounds great to me. I have also used a single MC2100 and it was very good as well. I experimented with a Scott 299c and 222c as well. To me the bi-amped system sounds the best. It's all subjective. I say experiment, there is no set answer, what fun would that be. Good luck
  10. I have been listening to more music during this "event". I wonder if anyone else is appreciating their system more. My upstairs system is an MX-117, MC2100, Oppo CD, and Herseys. I have been listening to music much more because I am overloaded with virus talk. I forgot how good vintage Mac and Klipsch go together. Been a long time since I've posted on the forum, any other long timers coming back on because of the virus?
  11. My 54 has the 1/2 inch wood, the 56 the 3/4 inch. I will try to find the thread with the pictures of them.
  12. Looks like the Deoxit did the trick, back to quality sound.
  13. I have two older Khorns, not as old as yours, but from the 50's. Even then it looks like it was a pretty small shop and Lloyd M built, or at least had a large hand, with mine as well. If possible could you post more pictures?
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