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  1. Hi @robert_kc I am replying late because was bit short of time and I wanted to give a in depth read to what you have suggested. The resolution issue with coaxial and Toslink is new to me. Thanks for enlightening me. I think I need a lot more clarifications before I finalize something. I liked the idea of buying a universal disc player, as I do not want to reply on streaming any more. As you have suggested going with HDMI in between a UDP and DAC, I need to explore which DACs are available near me. I still need to go through all the threads that you have shared, that's for the weekend I guess. I'll keep this post alive as I progress with my search and gaining knowledge. Thanks a lot for sharing so much useful information.
  2. Hi @Raygun. I think Pass Labs is way beyond my reach in India. They are quite costly here. My room is not air conditioned and the temperture in summer goes up to 40 deg celcius. I have heard that the Class A amps runs like heatersπŸ˜€. But thanks for chimming in.
  3. Hi @robert_kc Your suggestions are very useful not only to me but anyone who is watching this thread and forum. I can see from your post that you have replied very patiently considering almost all the aspects on setting up a system from scratch. I will try to answer to your questions in the same order. First of all why I didn't like the Denon x4500H and RP-8000F. The biggest mistake on my part was not buying a stereo amplifier but an AVR. Bigger than this was to rely just on streaming and not HD quality music. I was expecting wonders by investing considerable amount of money and though every track I throw at the system would sound amazing that was a big mistake. I have realized now that source has a very important role to produce quality sound and not all the recordings are as good as others. Another thing was the lean and harsh sound that I didn't like either by design of RP-8000F and pairing with Denon. I have not much control over the space I have, since I do not own the house so room treatment is not an option for now. So I have limited to no options to try different placements and acoustic treatment to the room. Now coming on to what's in my mind. I want to move away from online sources, but since I have no CD/Vinyl collection as of now and after spending $6K on the Fortes, I want to start with bare minimum number of equipment. This doesn't mean that I am compromising on quality of equipment but just want to buy stuff as and when my budget allows. IMO, I can get going with an external DAC and Pre/Power or Integrated for now. I am hoping to plug in my Laptop to DAC for streaming,FLAC and even use the Laptop drive to play discs. I know thats not ideal but atleast I'll have soemthing to play. I don't think I'll be ever interested in video formats, but I will still be interested to buy a universal disc player soon. I do not want to close the doors as well. I will be building my collection and will gradually stop relying on online streaming and may also add a turntable when things get settled. I want to see if I would need a subwoofer with Fortes or not so I am looking for an amp that supports adding a sub. As you have mentioned that an external DAC woudn't be able to play SACD hybrid layer (do not know what that is) as nicely as inbuilt dac of the player, this is very strange to me. What is normaly said is that an external dac is better than the internal one becuase of being a dedicated piece of equipment. Some more light on this may be? I would still prefer a pre amp instead of feed the player directly in to the power amp. I think as per my budget I would settle with an integrated amp for now. IMO, if I have just one DAC is the whole system, that feeds the pre amp or integrated amp, then I have the same sound signature from all the sources be it streaming/cd/FALC etc. Please correct me if I am wrong. I think there are still lots of things not clear to me and I might be assuming in my mind. So far I have seen only Luxamn amps that have tone controls. Both Solid state and tubes. No experience with Luxman and also avaialbe only on order. Schiit is avaialbe in India and people have good review about Schiit. Service is a very important factor when spending a huge money, sadly all the hifi stuff sold in India are through distributors only. They just import and sell at their own prices. Prices are much higher in India as compared to other parts of the world. Only some entry level brands might have their service centers here like Denon/Yamaha/Pionner etc. This is a big issue here. Even claiming warranty from the distributor is not an easy thing. Coming on to tubes vs solid state, so far every one has suggested to pair tube amps with Klipsch so that they could sound bit mellwoer and sweet rather than just in your face. Chandigarh is a very small city for hifi stuff. No chance of getting any kind of service avaialble locally or even demo. Honestly I am bit reluctant to go with tubes becuse of the known fact that the tube amps are delicate than the solid state ones. Without comparing tubes and solid state side by side I do not want to invest. Ever since I invested in my previous stuff, I lost my peace over dissatisfaction, this I want to avoid at any cost now. I just want to be at peace for some years with minimum to no maintenace of the system. But if tubes are the answer then I will go with tube amps. Hope it will help all the people in suggesting the right things to me. Thanks all for your advice. Regards Vivek
  4. I would like to go with branded ones. Not much into DIY.
  5. Hi I have upgraded from RP -8000F to Frote III. I was using Denon x4500H, not any more with me. Now I am looking for a good set of Pre/Power or Integrated amp for the Fortes. There could be no other better place than this great forum to ask for. Kindly help me specially Forte users what kind of amp would be best to produce finer details even at whispering volume levels and with utmost clarity and bit warm. Highly confused between tubes and solid state. I mostly listen to Jazz, Country, Classics like John Denver, Kenny Rogers, Michael Bolton, Eagles, U2, Frank Sinatra lot more from 50s to 60s to 70s music. Thanks a lot. Vivek
  6. Many Congrats. What kind of amp you are using? I still need to decide on the electronics.
  7. Little update after a while. Today I ordered Forte III in walnut finish. Will take 2 months to arrive from US to India. Long wait 😟
  8. Hi @robert_kc Thanks for looking these albums. I guess I will stick to audio only music and have no plans to go for HT system and will be using 2 channel rig only. I do not have much space to scatter around many speakers. Suddenly I have a liking for Special edition due to its salt and pepper grill πŸ™‚
  9. I see that you are from Belgium, I visit Leuven at least once a year.
  10. I want every track to play like this πŸ™‚ which I know is dreaming too much
  11. I have a friend far away though he is using LM so i can have reviews πŸ˜€. Thanks for suggesting.
  12. Loving and accommodating husband you are so is your wife who loves Klipsch too. It's not the case with me. Me and my son are the ones in love with this sort of hobbies.
  13. True the special edition grill looks metallic in pics πŸ˜€ same here the reason for Oak finish is grill color. That matches with my couches too πŸ˜€
  14. Hi @glens You are right Fortes are my hidden love and if I am going to buy Klipsch again it will be Forte πŸ˜€. I checked the specs of Nad C 388 it's all in one kinda amp. I think not bad. But my wish is to go separates as much as my budget allows be it incremental addition. Btw I want to pick Oak finish of Forte with Lambs wool grill bit different from traditional black grill. Any thoughts on the finishes available?
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