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  1. Hi @robert_kc Thanks for looking these albums. I guess I will stick to audio only music and have no plans to go for HT system and will be using 2 channel rig only. I do not have much space to scatter around many speakers. Suddenly I have a liking for Special edition due to its salt and pepper grill 🙂
  2. I see that you are from Belgium, I visit Leuven at least once a year.
  3. I want every track to play like this 🙂 which I know is dreaming too much
  4. I have a friend far away though he is using LM so i can have reviews 😀. Thanks for suggesting.
  5. Loving and accommodating husband you are so is your wife who loves Klipsch too. It's not the case with me. Me and my son are the ones in love with this sort of hobbies.
  6. True the special edition grill looks metallic in pics 😀 same here the reason for Oak finish is grill color. That matches with my couches too 😀
  7. Hi @glens You are right Fortes are my hidden love and if I am going to buy Klipsch again it will be Forte 😀. I checked the specs of Nad C 388 it's all in one kinda amp. I think not bad. But my wish is to go separates as much as my budget allows be it incremental addition. Btw I want to pick Oak finish of Forte with Lambs wool grill bit different from traditional black grill. Any thoughts on the finishes available?
  8. Thats great. I have tough time ahead to match the right set of equipment with Forte then.
  9. Hi @glens Thanks for chiming in. If I have got you right you are proposing me to go for Forte for the kinda music I listen to? What kinds amps you paired with Forte?
  10. For your interest these are my playlists on Spotify to give you an idea of kinda music I like Give it a try sometime
  11. Hi @robert_kc I am getting a lot of information from you thanks for sharing your views. Well I would agree that a universal player makes more sense than just a CD/SACD player. I would search for a universal player but I would prefer a universal player without a internal dac. Reason being If I find a network player and that too without internal dac, I would be having a common sound signature from Universal player/ Network Streamer/ Laptop or whatever other digital source. Another point is digital formats may change in future and it would be easy to replace the dac as well. These are my thoughts for external dac and why would I favor an external dac over an internal one. No doubt, FLACs/CD/LP are hands down better than streaming, but I am bit lazy to and also at times I feel like playing a track that I have not heard in few years then the streaming is quick option. Also I am a fan of FM tuner. Would be great if a network stream I could find has a FM tuner as well (may be not). About separates, I do not have any experience my self. I can not defend why separate pre and power are better than integrated ones. The only reason known to me is the separation of circuits and separate power supplies should be better than the shared ones and of course flexibility to change components in future is easy. The base of all this is my initial mistake of having everything in one box (AVR) but I realized seeking convenience of having just one component is a quality compromise. I know its hell lot of money for me to afford separates but I would start slowly now and as wisely as possible. Definitely I would be getting the speakers first without amps so will post those pictures :-). Fortes sitting alone 😞
  12. Dear @robert_kc Many thanks that you are trying your best to help me out. Some good news, last night a very nice gentleman bought my Denon x4500H. I was not using this to its full potential at least my new friend would be using it for the purpose its made for. So at the moment no more experiments until I buy something 🙂 Now coming to what you have suggested. I use Spotify Premium account and I never use Bluetooth. I believe you must be aware of Spotify Connect? With Spotify connect you can directly stream the music on TV/Soundbar/AVR/Network stream etc. That works through LAN/Wifi. You need phone/ Laptop/Tablet just to kick start the streaming and your phone becomes a remote after that. So no bluetooth in picture but the underlying device directly connects to internet and streams from Spotify using your premium account. I tried to play the FLAC files via connecting my external hard drive to my laptop and then connected my laptop to AVR via HDMI. Its for sure better than streaming. But till date the best track I have played and enjoyed is from YouTube that sounded the best or Hotel California MTV unplugged version. But still hungry 🙂 Or some tracks from Spotify. I even tried to compare Spotify with CDs. As I do not have a dedicated CD player so used my laptop to play the CD and played the same track on Spotify. I feel that this comparison was not fair. I could not feel any difference may be the CD was crap. My plan now is go for all separates starting from bare minimum equipment that I need to get going, but I plan to add a CD transport most likely over a CD player in near future. I am planning the following 1. Network Streamer 2. External DAC 3. Pre Amp 4. Power Amp 5. CD Player at some point of time I'll be starting now to search about all the stuff. I know its difficult to decide on so many things in a one go and moreover I do not have the luxury to pair the new equipment with my speakers. Now on Speakers, why I am swapping. Actually I found a quality issue with the cabinet of RP-8000F. The veneer is chipping off at some places and have asked my dealer to take it back in warranty and give me either the same pair or something else. The options are Polk/Dali/Klipsch only and I know I would pick Klipsch again. I tried to sell the RP-8000F but found no buyers. So taking this as an opportunity to upgrade the speakers as well. I guess my immediate To Do item is to decide upon speakers and then finding the right amp for those. Will keep you posted what I decided on speakers and then some more advice from you on electronics. Thanks a lot. Regards Vivek
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