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  1. Hi I have class A amp (Luxman). I will definitely use dedicated power line from the mains. Air conditioning will be there. Hopefully a big window too (if its not in the basement).Yes 220 volts if you mean that?
  2. Thats right and I read that too on the intetnet. But making such a room would waste a lot of space which is very precious 😞
  3. Sure, I will keep this in mind on how to arrange the components.Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Hey Thanks a lot for your comments. Most liek;y my room size is gonna be around L -> 26 Feet, W -> 16 Feet and Height -> 10 Feet. More info on how to treat the room is always welcome. 🙂
  5. Hi Thanks a lot for your detailed reply, much helpful and appreciated. I am planning a room of the size around 25x15x10 feet. Flooring being full carpet and once the space is ready I will definitely think about some kind of room treatment. Thanks
  6. Hi Guys I am planning a new home contruction with the liberty to have a dedicated room for my 2 channel setup (Forte IIIs). I am planning a basement of size (36x54 feet) Planning to reserve around 25x15x10 for the room. I would like to know your suggestions on how should the room be designed, starting with the size first. Is there anything like ideal room size in terms of LxBxH?. Do I defenitely need acoustic treatment for 2 channel system? Also, on the rack built in the wall or free standing racks, what would be a good option. If you could suggest something or post some pics of yours dedicated rooms, that would be great. Thanks a lot. Vivek
  7. Hi I am using Luxman 590 AX II with Forte III which is Class A 30 wpc and 509 is Class AB 120 wpc. I am just loving the combo. Little details, I was after. I am quite happy with this.
  8. Thanks for sharing your views on SMSL SU-8 V2. Glad to hear that you are happy with it. I have almost bought Luxman DA-06 DAC.🙂
  9. Hi Guys I know this can be a topic of a very long debate and many people altogether disregarding this while other may give high importance. I am asking this here because one of my upcoming purchase depends on the importance of XLR interconnects. I am building my 2 channel rig from scratch. So far I have Fortes, Luxman 590 AX II on order and I am searching for a dac. My inclination is to find a dac with XLR outputs. My question is how superior XLRs are over RCAs? Is it even a noticeable difference to a common man? I think a good dac with XLR would surely cost more than a dac with just RCA outputs from my search so far. Please share you experience that would help me to invest my money on right kind of equipment. Thanks Vivek
  10. Hi My first choice was Luxman DA 250 since DA 06 is no more available. I guess Luxman is not as popular choice for dacs as other brands are. This is what I got from many people. Do you have any self experience with da 06?
  11. Hi Guys I need your help to choose the right dac or a dac + streamer. For now my audio source will be streaming via laptop or hi res file that too from laptop. I have ordered everything brand new and Forte IIIs have arrived and I am now waiting for Luxman 590 AXii Class A integrated to arrive. I do not have any disc player so no way to play currently. I need your help in picking the right dac for my rig. If my music choice should be known then its 70s/80s retro,country, pop and rock that I mostly listen to. I would prefer a DAC with balanced output. I was planning to go for Luxman DA 250 DAC that costs about USD 2.8K to me, but people advised against this. Is it really worth spending on costly dacs? Kindly suggest. Thanks Vivek
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