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  1. I guess this would void the warranty as well ?
  2. Sorry this is beyond my knowledge. Could you please explain a bit?
  3. Yeah increase in bass but still bright. I do not have any room treatments. But I guess whole reference range of Klipsch is too bright same was the case with RF 7 III. Did not get any chance to listen to any of the heritage series. Let's see how happy I may end up with tweaks. Thanks a lot for the help.
  4. Yes now I am running them as "Large" and bass as LFE + MAINS
  5. I have followed your suggestion on settings on spotify. I am playing spotify on laptop and through HDMI (DVD port on Denon) routing the sound. Occasionaly I use the Spotify Connect (direct pllayback on Denon via same network) so no wires. Does any of the method makes any difference? I am done with all other options except using a turntable or a cd player. I'll try to arrange that. Thanks for your suggestions.
  6. Hi I have turned off the Audessy, seems better but at lower crossover I loose bass so 80hz sounds best for now. Lets see how this works out for less acoustic songs. Thanks.
  7. @pzannucci @willland Thanks for pitching in. So here are some details. The room size is aprrox 18*12 *10 (L*W*H). My Settings on AVR are Audessy MultiEQ XT32 - Reference Dynamic EQ - On Reference Level Offset -0db Dynamic Volume - Off Speakers - Small Bass - LFE Only Crossover - 80Hz LPF for LFE - 120Hz Now my dislikes I fee that the horn tweeter of RP-8000F dominates the mid range woofers. In other words sound signature is not soft and warm but too thin and bright. I had a audition last week comparing RF 7 III and RP-8000F with switcher and switching intermittently. RF 7 III were surely better than the 8000F. Other short coming I have is I am plyaing from Spotify. And I need to crank up to volume upto -25 or -20 db then I feel some dynamics otherwise 8000f's sound pretty flat to me. I am not aware what other settings I can tweak in the AVR to benefit. I am Ok wiht the bass but not happy with mid range. I tried setting Audessy to off but not much improved rather sound level declined further. My expectation from the system is clarity even at low volume levels without loosing any details and some air around the music. God know my expectation is even real or hypethetical. BTW I am listening to Kenny Rogers, Carlos Santana, Pat Boone, Queen, Beatles, Connie Francis etc
  8. Hi Please excuse me if this question seems to basic to you guys. I am still very naive in understandings some basic things. I have a Denon X4500H with RP-8000F and R-115SW. I am not very happy with the sound quality. I am planning to change the whole equipment. My inclination is towards Anthem STR series Pre and Power Amps and to replace RP-8000F with either Forte or Cornwall. Below are some specs for all the equipments. Planned Anthem Power Amp at 8 ohms 400 wpc Current Denon X4500H at 8 ohm 125wpc From Klipsch Web Site RP -8000F power handling Continous/Peak 150/600 watts, Senstivity 98db Forte III Continous/Peak 100/400 watts, Senstivity 99db Cornwall III Continous/Peak 100/400 watts I did not find anything on Klipsch specs that says suitable amplifer range (as other manufactures list in speaker specs). My doubt is can i pair the Anthem power amp that produces 400/wpc with any of the towers? Am I at risk of burning my speakers? How come 8000F can handle more power but is low on SPL? Or Can I still use Denon and replace to 8000f and Denon will be powerful enough to drive Forte or Cornwall? Thanks for the help.
  9. Hi Jef Are you planning to add a external 2 channel power amp? May be 200w/ch will it make any difference? What other amps you tried?
  10. @MetropolisLakeOutfitters @Cory Hi Guys are you able to watch this thread? Not sure if tagging you would send any alerts to you? I need your help in improving my music listening experience as I am a newbie here. Thanks
  11. @twistedcrankcammer Thanks a lot for pointing me to the masters
  12. @garyrc Thanks for your very detailed and informative reply. I am still a toddler to understand this in whole . But still it adds to the topic. I tried to turn off the Audyssey completely as I can say I lost some of the characteristics. So I am better off with Audyssey On DEQ on with 5 db and DV to Off.
  13. @wuzzzer I will give it a try as well. But most of the people favour audyssey.
  14. @glens I think that would not be a good setting. As I have sub woofer as well. Then the LFE signals to not be fully pushed to the sub but divided between L/R and sub?
  15. Hi All Thanks for your inputs. As far as polarity is concerned, that seems to be right both on speakers and the amp side. What I am missing in the sound is depth. I am not sure if I can express what I am expecting from the RP- 8000F. Otherwise they are sound clear at all volume level. But they sound more very flat to me. I ran the auddessy as well and the towers are set to "small" and the LFE mode is set to LFE only crossover at 80 hz. Dynamic EQ is on Dynamic Volume is Off still at -30 or -20 db they do not seem to be loud enough or immersive enough. May be I am over expecting?
  16. @jackrcox Thanks for shedding some more light. I have not auditioned either RF 7 or Forte, I'll try to audition both if I could at my local store.
  17. Hi Guys This month I invested in Denon 4500H and RP 8000 F with R-115SW. I am ok with the sub but the speakers I am not very happy with. They do not sound to me very well powered or lack something in I can't fully explain being a novice, I am planning to return the 8000F and go for RF 7 III or Forte III. So my questions are as below 1. Will Denon 4500h with 125W/channel will be enough to drive RF 7 III/ Forte III in 2 channel mode? 2. How big is the quality difference between RP 8000 F and RF 7 III/Forte III as the price is almost 2.5 times Thanks for your help.
  18. Hi guys Thanks for your valuable comments. I did run the audyssey setup again. This time I changed my seating position to further away from the speakers. The result I got now Distances FL : 11.9 FR : 12 SW : 12.2 and levels FL : 0 db FR :0 db SW : +1.5 db ( I guess while calibrating the SW the gain was not to the max) it set up the crossover to 40 hz and mains to Large whihc is inverted back to "80 hz" and "small". This gives me better bass from SW. I have changed the volume scale to db now and I could raise it to -30 DB and it was enjoyable. I feel the sound is better now as I was listening to sound cloud may be the quality is better than mp3s. I will try to turn off the Dynamic Volume and turn on the Dynamic EQ as suggested by all of you. Thanks all.
  19. Thanks for your inputs. @ODS123 yes you got me right. I was wondering 60 is almost 60% of the volume level and I was worried that its still not loud enough. @JefDC i tweaked the Auddessy results after the calibration. I think I would need to run it again from a better listening position. In the current calibration the auddessey had given -ve db to all of the speakers. I moved them back to 0 db.
  20. Hi Guys I am just 1 week old in to AVRs and Klipsch. I have paired my RP 8000F + R 115 SW with Denon X4500H. My setup is only for music in 2.1 channels mode. I am still exploring different settings and trying to get the best out of my setup. My Denon volume scale is from 0-98. Even if I crank my master volume to 60 its still comfortably audible and does not seem like noisy whihc is good thing. I am just trying to understand if everything is OK with amp and the speakers? My settings are as follows Mains are set to small Bass : LFE Crossover: 80hz LPF : 120Hz Auddessy : Reference Dyanmic EQ: Medium Reference Offset : 0db FL : 0db FR : 0db SW: 0db Distances: FL : 2 Feet, Right : 2 Feet. SW : 4 Feet Room size : 25 Feet x 14 Feet Source: Not HD/Online or from laptop through HDMI Wires seem to be plugged right I was expecting not to go beyond 40 on volume level. Though the sound is still clear at higher levels but may be my expectations are a bit high or just want to rule out any malfunction. Thanks.
  21. Thanks all for your inputs I guess the first thing I should is run the audyssey.
  22. Hi Guys I am very much new to amplifiers and speakers of this level. I bought Denon X4500H and Klipsch RP 8000F + R 115 SW just this week. I am reading through a lot of stuff online about best settings to get the best out of the system. I agree that what I like is the best sound for me, but just to have some basics clear, I need some help from the community. I am using the whole system for music listening only. No movies or TV at all. I read about LFE, LPF etc and tried to play with setting the mains to Large/ Small LFE/LFE+Mains and LPF - 120Hz but I do not seem to feel any difference. I was expecting R 115SW to explode my room but its still very nominal. Could you please help me out with some basic settings. Thanks a lot. Vivek
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