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  1. Hi all! This has probably been answered somewhere before, but I'm not finding it. I'm looking to tri-amp a pair of 1988 Heresy II's I just picked up, and to do the Heresy II->Heresy III conversion on them, and then tri-amp them again. Does anyone have the Heresy II and Heresy III crossover specs? 1) What are the crossover frequencies and slopes? 2) What's the attenuation (padding) of the different drivers? 3) Are any of the drivers polarity inverted? These would be different for the Heresy II, and III -- and I'm looking for both sets of data for before and after the conversion. Thank you!
  2. Hello all! Doing a little spring cleaning (I know it's December). Found the AL type crossovers I took out of my LaScalas when putting in Crites crossovers. Free to whoever is willing to pick them up locally. San Rafael, Marin County, SF Bay Area. 415-302-7587. Please feel free to call or text.
  3. Earlier this year, I drove up around two hours north of San Francisco to find these beautiful KG4s. Super nice condition cabinets and grills. I then ordered $264 worth of upgrades from Klipsch guru Bob Crites, and carefully installed them. 1) $210 for brand new crossovers. New poly switches, capacitors, new higher-quality inductors, all new wiring. 2) $54 for new upgraded titanium tweeter diaphragms. I'm selling these one-of-a-kind beauties for $400, at a loss, just to make room for more speakers! Looking to do an in person sale in San Rafael, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Includes the original crossovers, if you want them. Please feel free to call or text 415-302-7587. Thanks!
  4. Just to close the circle on the original post that started this thread. Got a private message from a member who pointed out knuconceptz cables and connectors as a popular choice that he personally used and recommended. Specifically, I ordered 16 feet of this cable http://www.knukonceptz.com/home-theater/speaker-wire/karma-ss-speaker-kable/sp/karma-ss-12-gauge-speaker-wire/ and these banana plugs http://www.knukonceptz.com/home-theater/connectors/ Cost $25 including shipping and arrived in a couple of days. I was quite impressed with the appearance and apparent quality of the cable and banana plugs and it took about 1/2 hour to install everything. Following the suggestion of another member here, I skipped crimping spades to the cables and just attached the bare wire to the speaker. I'm listening now, and believe there's substantial improvement in the sound. Can't prove it scientifically, but I'm happy! Thanks all for your help and suggestions.
  5. I love this suggestion. Makes sense, and it's the least expensive advice I've gotten in 20 years of doing this hobby.
  6. That looks like nice, affordable, cable! If you used this, how did you terminate it?
  7. That sounds great. I too have good, old, high quality speaker cables lying around. What I don't know is how to terminate the cable on both ends better than the janky way I did. Look forward to seeing your pictures.
  8. I don't have a dog in the NOS vs new fight. As I write this I'm listening to an amp with NOS Telefunken ECC83 & GE 5814 driver tubes, and new Elrog 300B power tubes, and it sounds great! My question is this -- is anyone making great new 12AU7/ECC82/5814 or 12AX7/ECC83 tubes? I love my Elrog 300B's, but don't know of anyone making similar quality available in new driver tubes. Thanks!
  9. Hello All! I have a pair of LaScalas that have been fully upgraded with new Bob Crites tweeters, squawkers, and crossovers. I drive them with an Elekit TU-8600 tube amp. Sounds great! My question is this: I'm using $1/foot audioquest speaker cable sold by Best Buy, mostly used by them when they run cable through peoples' walls. I've terminated them myself with screw-on banana plugs on the amp side, and crimp-on lugs on the speaker side. Total investment about $30. Partly I went this homebrew route because I don't know who even sells ready-made speaker cables with banana plugs on one end and lugs suitable for LaScalas on the other. Anybody recommend some speaker cables that might be better than what I'm using? Thanks!
  10. Thanks for your words of encouragment! As for the condition of the speakers, I was quite amazed. They're 34 years old, and yes they did spend a year in a barn, and when I exchanged the crossovers, replaced the tweeters with CT-120's and the squawker drivers with A-55G's ,I got a pretty good look at all the components including things like the gaskets. Everything was basically like new -- screws still tight; no rust; no wire insulation, gaskets or anything else dried up and crumbling, etc. These things are really well made.
  11. Thank you all for the advice. My motivation for the question was that I was worried the AL crossover holes were letting air out of the woofer box, but since no one's mentioned it, I guess the holes don't go all the way through.
  12. Hi All! This is my first post on the Klipsch community forums. I recently bought my first pair of Heritage Klipsch speakers -- 1985 La Scala's that were in surprisingly good shape considering that they'd spent years in a barn with the pigs & chickens! I received my Bob Crites AA crossovers today and swapped them in for the old AL crossovers. The sound improvement is incredibly dramatic. I can't believe how good these speakers sound now. The Crites crossovers are just velcro'ed in place and there are empty screw holes where the old AL crossovers were. My question is -- do I need to fill in the holes where the AL crossover used to be? Best way to fill them? Shorter screws? Some filling compound? Thanks!
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