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Which is the nicest heritage speaker


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On 11/4/2002 4:38:34 PM The Hobbit wrote:

3) $7500.00 msrp.


My GAWD! I hope that is for a pair. What makes them so expenisive? Is it the driver? The crossover? The horns? What? Does anyone know how to build your own? I would have to think one could find a set of plans for a DIY project.

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$7500 for a pair of the top of the line speakers is not too bad in the company that they live. You want to go find out how much a top of the line pair of B&W's cost???

FWIW I would say the KHorn is not the nicest of the Heritage range - it is the biggest and the baddest!!

The nicest will depend on your application. If you have a small room then maybe the heresy is the right choice for you, larger but without corners - you choose the Belles or the LaScalas.

As far as I know the Belles and LaScalas have very similar sound but the Belles look nicer.

I am limiting myself to the current Heritage range only. If you are looking into 2nd hand equipment then you will want to consider Cornwalls, Forte's and Chorus speakers. Each have the pro's and cons although I have to say that I have never heard the cornwalls.

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