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I bought 2.1 Promedia speakers and have no idea how to power it on

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Hey. I bought some second hand 2.1 promedia speakers (without subwoofer) and I have no idea how to power them on. I will attach pictures to help explain. Essentially it comes with a control pod which has a green headphone cable, and another unknown cable that kind of looks like an s link. There were then two sets of monster cables that each plug into the back of a satellite speaker respectively. I have no idea how to a) attach the two speakers together and b) turn them on. Please help. Is the subwoofer necessary to turn on the satellites?





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Yes, the subwoofer is required to power the system. The subwoofer has the amplifier built in and you would plug your speakers in to the subwoofer, along with that "s link" cable. The 3.5mm jack would be plugged in to whatever source you desired. Unfortunately, the speakers and pod by themselves are of no use without the subwoofer.

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