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Having trouble getting the bar 48 to pair


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Hello wondering if anyone could help me with setting up the bar 48. I previously had a r10b that had no issues with the optical connection and would sync right up with the TV remote. This one won't sync with the Samsung TV remote and keeps asking for a model number. It's a brand new Samsung smart TV. So any help would be greatly appreciated.




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The first thing you must do is make sure your BAR 48 has the latest firmware installed.

There are so many issues with this device that I can't begin to describe them here... but I have elsewhere.

Search for "BAR 48" (with quotes) from the search box in the main header using these these search options:

  • Everywhere
  • Any of my search term words
  • Content titles and body

Read through the results. If you have any specific questions, post them here and I'll try to answer them..

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18 hours ago, mjahan said:

KevinB, how can one find out if one's new BAR 48 has the latest firmware installed. 

  1. Go to the firmware page.
  2. Go to the bottom where it says: AVAILABLE FIRMWARE UPDATES:
  3. Select BAR 48 Sound Bar + Wireless Subwoofer from the drop-down (first box)
  4. Enter your serial number into the second box
  5. Click the SEARCH button

If your device already has the latest firmware you will be told otherwise information about the latest firmware will be displayed.


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