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  1. Do you know if anyone has tried the firmware update using a web browser? I'm not sure if this capability existed before the latest firmware update. Maybe you can confirm? The settings in the Klipsch app can show you the IP address assigned to your Cinema 800/1200. If you open a browser from your computer or tablet and go to: http://<your-soundbar-IP-address> you will get a webpage showing information about your soundbar and you can also initiate a firmware update using your Internet connection rather than using a USB thumb drive. I haven't tried this myself. When I check for new firmware it says I already have the latest version.
  2. Yes, trying to get the firmware to update successfully can be extremely frustrating. I had to try a dozen times before it worked. Klipsch Product Support would only say, "Keep trying. Eventually it will work," I thought they were crazy. You have to complete step one successfully before proceeding to step two. When you start the update the display should show "UPDATING" then a few seconds later it should change to "UP DSP". If it doesn't, the update is not installing and you need to suspect the thumb drive. When you see "UP DSP", the firmware is installing. You have to give it time to complete. Forget about the five minutes the instructions mention. If it hasn't updated successfully after thirty minutes, repeat the process and wait an hour before shutting off the soundbar then removing power, etc. After you completed the update, did you verify the installed version(s)? After completing step one, DSP should show 4.9 and not 4.4.
  3. I have successfully updated my firmware. The reason it wouldn't install previously is that I followed the instructions provided by Klipsch Product Support. 😒 Here is what I did: When attempting the firmware update (part 1), wait 30 minutes after the update begins before powering off the soundbar and completing the remaining steps. When attempting the firmware update (part 2), wait 90 minutes after the update begins before powering off the soundbar and completing the remaining steps. The excessive wait times certainly aren't necessary in every case but if you can't get the update installed try these times. Klipsch has said to make sure the update has completed before powering off the soundbar but there is absolutely no indication given when the update has completed. The actual time it takes to install may depend on the specific USB device used.
  4. I have replied to your other post here. I suggest others wishing to reply do so in the other thread so as to keep all replies in one place.
  5. I see that you also asked the same question in the Cinema 1200 soundbar thread. Most communities frown on members double posting. It's bad enough that there are multiple Cinema 1200 threads but things can get really confusing when when answers to a specific question are spread across multiple threads. Just pick an existing thread or start a new one. Okay, I won't suggest returning it! Check out my other post here where I have tried to provide some additional perspective.
  6. My Cinema 800 experiences these same issues. Check out the links I have provided here. There are many more subtle issues affecting these soundbars that you may only notice once someone else has pointed them out.
  7. It is unfortunate in some ways that there isn't a "Cinema soundbar thread". I certainly understand why there are separate threads for the 1200, 800, and 600, each being a different product, but when it comes to the issues we all encounter there is much more in common across the whole Cinema line. As you may appreciate, because the Cinema 800 and Cinema 600 have been available longer than the Cinema 1200 more customers have had an opportunity to identify issues with those products. You may be surprised to learn that many of the Cinema 1200 issues have plagued the other models too. Have a look at some of the other threads in this forum: Cinema 1200 Cinema 800 Cinema 600 I have responded to posts in most of the threads involving the Cinema soundbars and, while numerous issues have been identified, there are common issues impacting all models related to: Firmware updates Power (soundbar just dies!) Random noises (affecting the soundbar, or subwoofer, or surround speakers) Dialog (indistinct, difficult to understand) HDMI-ARC connectivity All sound stops (either for a couple of seconds or permanently until power is removed from the soundbar) Video and sound synchronization. ... and more. In my opinion, these are just symptoms of a few larger issues impacting not only the Cinema soundbars but the previous BAR series too. Component reliability Design defects (or oversights) Software defects impacting the firmware. While these issues can be dealt with during the product development phase, they are much more difficult to rectify once a product is in distribution. The typical resolution for a component failure is a replacement unit but if there is an issue with the general reliability of the component the replacement may encounter the same issue. Worse yet, if other components are also subject to reliability issues, the replacement can have more issues than the soundbar that was returned. This is exactly what happened to me when I received a warranty replacement for my BAR 48! It would appear that the Cinema series has not achieved a significant improvement in component reliability. Design defects can be much more difficult to deal with, for example, a soundbar with a power supply incapable of providing the needed power. These issues are usually rectified when the product design is revised which, from what I have observed, is when Klipsch announces a new line of soundbars. If we expect to see improvements in future soundbars it is important that we provide Klipsch Product Support with the appropriate feedback. Firmware issues are likely to impact all devices so, if your issue is related to a firmware defect, a warranty replacement will not help. Unfortunately, as customers, we are unable to determine what issues are specifically firmware related. The good news is that some issues may be resolved by installing a firmware update. So far, I have not been very impressed with Klipsch firmware updates! Whatever issues you may be experiencing, I encourage you to register your product and open a case with Klipsch Product Support. Whether or not they are able to resolve your particular issue, this is the only way to reduce the likelihood that new products will encounter the same issues found in current models. I hope this overview will help you decide how to best deal with your current issues.
  8. Yes, it happened to me and, if I remember correctly, someone else reported the same thing. In my case, the soundbar was completely dead. If it is new, you should return it to the retailer from whom you purchased it. If you can't do that, you should be able to get a replacement from Klipsch. If it is still covered by the warranty you should have no problem. If the warranty has expired, they may still be able to help you if you ask nicely. There is one other thing you can try first. If the soundbar is not completely dead, you may be able to revive it by disconnecting the power cable then reconnecting it 10-15 seconds later. Please let us know what happens.
  9. Hi Eugene, You started this thread. I'm interested in learning more about your experience with the Cinema 1200.
  10. It looks as if your firmware did not get updated correctly. If you see DSP 4.9, the first part of the update succeeded. Otherwise, repeat the first part. Once you see DSP 4.9, use the same thumb drive for the second update because you know it works. After the update starts, wait a couple of hours before powering down the soundbar. I retried the update eight times before it succeeded. The last time I left it overnight.
  11. KevinB

    Cinema 800

    Please see the Cinema 800 - Firmware Update article and confirm that the update was successful. If the firmware update was successful, open a case with Klipsch Product Support to report these new issues.
  12. The Klipsch Surround 3 speakers are the only surround speakers that are supported. The specs state that they are wireless speakers but do not state they are Bluetooth speakers. What makes you think you can connect Bluetooth speakers?
  13. That depends what you mean by work. Check the manual for your TV. There are three ways the soundbar can be connected. In order of preference, they are: HDMI-ARC Digital Analog Even if your TV supports HDMI-ARC the specifications are somewhat open to interpretation and not all manufacturers have implemented them exactly the same way so there could be some communication issues, especially with older implementations. The only way to know for sure is to try it. I suggest you review these Cinema 600 articles.
  14. After having had four Klipsch soundbars (three different models) and helping out in these forums for the past two years this is what I can conclude: Most of the issues I have observed or that have been discussed in these forums appear to be due to poor quality control and/or poor design. As such, many of the same models currently stocked by retailers may experience the same or similar issues. Klipsch Product Support has recommended that any customer experiencing issues with their soundbar first try to return it to the retailer from whom it was purchased. If it is beyond the time period when the retailer will accept returns, and it is still within the warranty period, the customer can request a warranty replacement from Klipsch but that can take many weeks. Based on my own experience and that of others posting in these forums, there is no guarantee that the issues one is experiencing will actually be resolved with the replacement. In some cases the replacement may actually exhibit additional issues. Klipsch won't comment on the issues that have been reported and I have been unable even to get an acknowledgement let alone a progress report on the issues reported in the case I have opened but I still believe it is important for all of us to provide as many details as possible to Klipsch about the issues we encounter. Almost all the issues I encountered with my BAR 48 and reported to Klipsch appear to have been addressed in the Cinema 600 and Cinema 800. 🙂 I'm happy to see that each new soundbar generation has fewer issues and more features than the previous one but I'm disappointed that owners of a current model may not find a replacement completely free of issues.
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