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I am building a new home and I have been a dedicated room for a HT. It’s roughly 12x11 and I’m going to be going with a 100” screen and a PJ that is yet to be determined....


A back story might be helpful....We we’re going to build with a basement mainly for me to have a HT that I lost in my divorce, along with my speakers and pj. I had a Benq pj and the Quintet SL and a ksw-12 that the ex ended up keeping in the divorce. We ended up picking up some Energy Take Classics a couple years ago and wasn’t a big fan of them...This week I picked up the Quintet III set. I’m happy to have Klipsch again!! I am now looking at getting a 10” sub, maybe the SYNERGY BLACK LABEL SUB-100. 

We didn’t end up getting the basement because I couldn’t really justify 50k for me to just have my theater and a man cave....so with me willing to give up the basement, my wife gave me one of the rooms to turn into my theater. 


my superintendent is letting me run my speaker wires in the next week or so and I am not sure where I should have the placement for the FR and FL in relation to the screen. My old set up, I had the mini towers kind of in the middle of the screen. Should I do the same this time? I wasn’t sure if that was the best option or not. I’m trying to decide where to put the box for mounting purposes. 

Any and all feedback would be appreciated. 

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