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Bar 48 Audio Going out


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I just recently got the Bar 48. I have the HDMI (Arc) from my TV going into the soundbar. Numerous times the audio would just go out, and I'd have to fiddle around with the inputs on the remote to get the sound back. I'm not sure why this is happening. When I switched to the optical cable, everything seems fine, but then I lose the benefits of the HDMI Arc. Has anyone encountered this issue?

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Same issue for me. I have a Vizio TV connected via HDMI utilizing ARC. I think what's happening is the negotiation between the TV and bar is lost. I end up going into my TV menu, changing "TV Speakers" from "Off" to "On" which then causes the bar to power down on it's own, I then switch the TV speakers back to "Off" which then sends a signal to the bar to turn back on and my sounds back. I'm not sure which piece is to blame but I'm starting to wonder if this is why people advised to buy a bar that matches your TV manufacturer.

As you mention, I'd use the optical out instead of HDMI but then the bar won't power down on it's own when the TV is turned off (although I use a Logitech Harmony so I could have it send a command to power on/off the bar).

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I'm having similar problems.  Adjusting inputs on the remote doesn't result in TV sound working though.  The only function that works is the bluetooth from my phone, which is not nearly as loud as it should be... I have to crank my phone and soundbar volume unreasonably high.

Are the lights on the front and top of your soundbar yellow?


I have a Vizio TV and have connected the Bar 48 via HDMI-ARC.  Initially, after turning the TV off then back on, the sound does not work and the power to the soundbar doesn't cycle like it used to.  All TV settings are correct, so I initially unplugged and replugged in the soundbar.  That worked a few times.  Now, my TV won't recognize the soundbar at all via CEC.


Think it could be a Vizio update that got pushed to the TV?

This is crazy...

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@JayPea @Hooped.ca @justinm@sgm-inc.com


I would like to assure you that you are not alone. I too am experiencing the same issue and I have a Samsung Q70R TV.


I have reported this issue to Klipsch tech support along with a half dozen other issues.



I am becoming extremely frustrated with one issues in particular. Three or four times every evening while watching recorded TV programs my BAR 48 experiences sound issues when I skip forward or backwards in the program: either the sound will stop completely or I will lose the dialogue and only hear background music.


I have been able to regain the sound by doing the following:

  • Switching the soundbar from TV input to Digital input (which has nothing connected) then back to TV. That no longer is a reliable way to correct the sound.
  • Using the remote, I will turn off the soundbar, wait a minute, then turn it on. That used to work when #1 didn't but that too is no longer reliable.
  • Remove power to the soundbar and disconnect the HDMI cable from the TV; Reapply power and reconnect the HDMI cable. This method is needed once every week or 10 days and so far has worked reliably even though it is a rather drastic solution.



If you have not done so already, search the forums for "BAR 48" or scroll through the posts in this Home Theater forum for BAR 48 threads. You will discover there are many other issues along with suggestions how to best deal with them.

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