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ebay days....


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Well I have been bidding on some vinyl recently on ebay in the UK - just to see what I could pick up.

So far I have bid on 7 auctions, won 5 with 2 outstanding (which I expect to win the wya things are going).

Best buy to date has got to be:

"Boxed set of twelve 12-inch LP`s exclusive to Reader`s Digest by RCA. Entitled "Festival of Light Classical Music", the set covers all favourite classical works by 42 prolific composers. The set comes complete with it`s own guide featuring the history of each composer and their music. It is in absolutely mint condition, never been played!"

If it plays at all well I can be found on cloud nine - I got the above for 5 pounds sterling (about $7). Not bad for 12 mint, never been played records!!!

Seems like a nice guy too - I got a personal email from him congratulating me on the bargain....

If the Greek postal service doesnt destroy it that is.....

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I went record hunting over the weekend and picked up several of the Time Life "Great Men of Music" box sets. Vivaldi, Strauss, and Tchailkovsky. About 6 LPs per set and all were in pristine condition. $4-7 ea.

Also got Beethoven Bicentennial Collection vol II for $8 and Wagners Der Ring Des Nibelungen also by Time LIfe. Little more for that one $14

- tb

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You got the whole ring of the Neibelung for $14!!!

Wow - that is a bargain.

(I am trying to build up the whole collection on RCA from the 1960's. I have a couple of albums at the moment (Tristram and Isolede and another ones whose name escapes me. It is a really difficult thing to do as a few of the albums are very rare and command silly prices.)

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I have that particular Reader's Digest set myself. I had to lay out $2 for it at a local thrift store. Mine is a long way from mint though. I'm going to run cleaning experiments on them.

One might think that these would be cheap-o performances, but that's not the case at all. This box comes from sometime in the early 1960s, when classical music still sold in significant numbers (I understand it's considerably less than 1% of the market now). RCA and Reader's Digest had a good budget, and they hired conductors and orchestras to perform these pieces expressly for this set. In other words, they didn't just grab some already-made recordings and reissue them.

I think you will enjoy your set of "Magnificent New 'Cyclophonic' Miracle Sound Recordings."

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