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Advice for 5.1 steroid


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First time I have ever posted in a blog but need some help.

Trying to get audio for my open concept family room/kitchen. Its a big space - the family room part is probably 24 feet wide (on this wall is where the TV would be), and 15 feet deep, but there is no back wall cause it opens up the kitchen, which is another 12 feet deep. 

On the 24 ft wall i have wires for a L/R/C and a sub in the corner, and two ceiling rear for L/R surround that are right over the couch. 

This is where we spend 99% of our time so wanted a system for both movies and music; i am by no means an audiophile, but i did grow up with a dad that was and had Aerial speakers growing up 30 years ago (not sure if they even make those anymore) so I do appreciate the difference in quality.

Despite being wired I started with this setup cause of ease of use:
1. Sonos ARC plus sonos in ceiling speakers powered by a sonos AMP, sonos sub This obviously sounded better than the TV, but for the cost it wasn't great in this room. Maybe the room, but the soundbar just felt very small.

2. I returned this, and recently got 
Klipsch 504 for center 
Klipsch 625 atmos for L/R
Klipsch in-ceiling 160 CDT for surround
Klipsch 12 inch sub
Yamaha V6A receiver

This setup sounds quite a bit better than the sonos (especially for movies), but two problems. 1. The voice isn't as clear as I feel it could be - it is a bit hollow and distant. 2. More importantly, the speakers are really big, and wife hates it. I also cant really hear the ATMOS effect - maybe cause my ceiling is too high at 12 feet? 

Thus, advice....

I am now at the stage of looking for a new setup with in-wall or on-wall speakers - at least for the L/R and could also do for the center.

For this much money, I really feel like it could be bada-s, but I feel like I am missing the mark (or it is just the aucistics of the room).

Anyone have any recommendations for in wall speakers for this setup? I am really all over the place, and at first was gonna buy the Klipsch 5502 or something similar, but then was looking around and found Goldenear as well as B&W CWM 7.4 (I know these last two options are quite a bit more expensive which I dont mind spending if it will be that much better). I am going to a store on Sat to listen to the Goldenear, but does anyone else have any advice on a newbie setting this up???? 

Once I cut open the wall, these speakers will be staying for a long time....so i am a bit hesitant.

Thanks much for any help anyone can provide


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This definitely sounds like a challenging room, and room acoustics could be a huge part of why you aren't getting the results you were hoping for. The RP-504C is an excellent center speaker, so should give you excellent results and I definitely wouldn't replace it with in wall or on wall speakers...


Assuming money is not an issue, and it sounds like you are willing to spend a bit more to get great sound, this would be the ideal setup I would consider (and compare the sound and prices to the Goldenear and B&W's that you're auditioning):


Front L & R: RP-8000F

Center: RP-504C

Surround L & R: RP-600M (mounted on the side walls or on stands)

Dolby Atmos Height Front: PRO-180RPC or CDT-5800-C II in Ceiling Speakers

Dolby Atmos Height Rear: Either keep your 160 CDT or replace with another pair of whichever models of in ceiling speakers you chose above

Subwoofer 1: SPL-150

Subwoofer 2: Your existing "12 inch sub" or replace with another SPL-150

Receiver: Your RX-V6A is unfortunately only a 7.2 channel, so you'd be limited to a 5.2.2 setup, which is fine. In that case, scrap the Dolby Atmos Front recommendation and just use your existing in-ceiling speakers for overhead heights in a 5.2.2 setup, or upgrade the receiver to to a 9 channel receiver for a 5.2.4 setup.


If you end up investing in all of the above, or even switching to another high end brand, and you still aren't happy, then you're going to need to treat the room to some extent. This is a whole new can of worms that needs to be addressed... all the while keeping in mind that this is a functional space and not a dedicated theatre room, so room treatment needs to be within reason, otherwise the wife hating your floorstanders will be the least of your worries... 😉


Of course, there is another step up from the RP range, which would be the RF7iii's and RC-64 III center, but that gets really pricey, but just thought I'd mention that in case money is really not an issue... 🙂 But the RP range should be more than enough and good value for money...


Lastly, the above list is just my recommendation in an ideal world and where money is no issue... you need to adjust it as needed to fit your budget and personal taste and then take it from there... and if it turns out you like the Goldenear or B&W's more than the RP-8000's, then by all means, switch brands, but then switch all the speakers to the appropriate range from the new brand. Try not to mix and match where possible. 


6 hours ago, Newbiet1234 said:

I also cant really hear the ATMOS effect - maybe cause my ceiling is too high at 12 feet?


This bouncy Atmos effect speakers aren't very effective, especially if your room is too big or ceiling isn't ideal, which is why I'm recommending Floorstanders without the atmos modules and rather using in-ceiling speakers for Atmos.


I hope this helps...




Update: I should also mention that the RP-600M's can be substituted for the equivalent in wall speakers from the RP range if esthetics or space is an issue for the surrounds. But I wouldn't use overhead speakers for the surrounds. Those should be used for Atmos heights.



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