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  1. That's exactly what I ended up doing and it works great!
  2. The RP-504C is rear ported, so that probably wouldn't be ideal, but if I am not mistaken, it is slightly too wide for your cabinet anyway. Which RP center were you planning on using? In addition to @wuzzzer's recommendation, I would also consider using isolation feet or pads to decouple the speaker cabinet from your TV cabinet. So if you find a center in the RP line that isn't rear ported, decouple it and position it flush or proud of the cabinet, there should be no issues in my opinion.
  3. Yes, they can definitely be painted, and are designed to be painted. The owners manual provides basic instructions, but you'll also find tips and advice on this forum when it comes to painting these grills.
  4. I agree with @HenrikTJ regarding the PRO series (I have the PRO-180RPC's). They do come with white covers, although when mounted on a while ceiling, they're actually more an off white or grey shade. Here's what mine look like for what it's worth...
  5. Ha, I've got a 2008 VFR 800 interceptor, and I had the model before this one as well. LOVE THIS BIKE! 😉
  6. As a matter of interest, what is the difference between the RP-160M and the RP-600M? I compared the two on Klipsch's website, but they look very similar. Or is the RP-160M just the preceding model to the 600M's?
  7. Simply BRILLIANT! Enjoy the fruits of your labor... PS: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little jealous... 🙂
  8. Very nice indeed! I'm sure it rocks for movies... As a matter of interest, where are you hiding your equipment rack and subs, or did I overlook them in the photos?
  9. I'm afraid I don't have any experience with surround speakers being in-ceiling mounted, so wouldn't be the best person to advise you on this. However if you're going with a 5.1.x setup, and your couch is against the wall, then I'd rather add the surround speakers to the side of your listening positions or up to 10 degrees behind your listening position on the side walls. This is what Dolby recommends for 5.1.x setups. But if you already have your surrounds on the side walls, and were referring to adding rear surrounds for a 7.1.x setup, then I'm not sure which would sound better. If it were me, I'd probably stick to rear wall mounted, but use a bi-pole speaker type to disperse the sound a bit, but you'd need to try it to be sure. But you don't need anything in the rear for 5.1.x setup...
  10. Definitely aim for 5.1.2 or 5.1.4 if you can... and your room could even accommodate 7.1.4 in my opinion, but I'd probably only add additional surround channels if your bed channels are wall mounted, not ceiling mounted. I hope this helps...
  11. Ah damn, sorry, that went over my head... it's 3am here so I'm probably not firing on all cylinders at the moment... my bad. 😳
  12. That's awesome bro, and yes, I think your G/F might be on to something there... 🙂 Thanks for the additional photo... now it all makes perfect sense... I'm definitely a little jealous... 😉 Enjoy mate! Brendon
  13. @codewritinfool, what didn't you understand about my question? I think it was pretty clear, and the OP understood me...
  14. I can only imagine how EPIC that must sound! Is this only for music or do you have a home theater set up somewhere there as well?
  15. I would say anything under 1.5 meters would be too close (I'm about 1.7m from my closest side surround and 1.6m from my closest rear surround in my secondary seat/off center), however, I re-read your original post and see now that you're forced to mount your surrounds on the rear wall and that you'll be sitting right up against the rear wall. This obviously isn't ideal, but many people have made a setup like this work. I've heard experts recommend using bipole speakers for rear surrounds when you are up against the wall, and using absorption rather than diffusion for wall treatments on the rear wall. But if you are leaning towards monopole speakers on the rear wall, then I'd say go for it. They will anyway be the right speakers for rear surrounds if you change rooms and move your couch away from the rear wall. I also recommend familiarizing yourself with Dolby's recommendations here: https://www.dolby.com/us/en/speaker-setup-guides/index.html
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