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klipsch reference Questions ?


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I have a Klipsch reference R-625fa for Front L/R, R-52C, R-41M for Rear L/R and a R-12SW. My AVR is a Onkyo TX-NR 696 in a 5.1.2 configuration.


I ran Audyssey and this is what it came up with for crossovers

my Crossover for my R625FA is set at 50, 

my R-52C is set at 70 

my R-41M is set at 80

my Atmos is set at 70

it sets my sub at 120

my front is speakers are about 13 to 14 feet from my sitting area my backs Left is about 7ft and my back right is about 1 to 3 feet and sub is about 20ft,


are those crossovers going to damage my speakers ?


for my sub I have the cross over set at 80 on the sub but not sure if I match the  120 that on my AVR or change 120 to 80 on the AVR?


I have noticed that Onkyo has a Crossover pre-set for my speakers should I just use those setting or let Audyssey handle that ?

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Turn the crossover on the sub itself as high as it goes and let the receiver handle that.


Those crossover points aren't going to damage anything but I would adjust them all to 80Hz since that's the recommended standard.

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