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Dual KP-115-X with LaScalas


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How would a set of these pair up with LaScalas?  

I only have one set of speaker outputs on my MA-252 integrated amp (and one mini sub output).  Am I right in thinking I could wire them to the sub, then out to the LSs?  If so, the crossover is set at 150hz, does that mean the sub will only send 150hz and up to the LSs, or does it send a full signal?  If the latter, would be the effect of both playing between 50-150hz?


Is the 100wpc (probably closer to 125wpc) of my Mac sufficient to drive these.  They are very efficient, but that doesnt seem like much power for a sub. 

I do have a BGW 500d (200wpc) that I could use to drive the subs, but I don’t know how I could hook it all up. 









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I wouldn’t do it . These speakers are -4 @40hz and -10 db @32hz that’s not much better than the Lascala’s response. Plus the Lascala's produce very clean, high quality , high fidelity bass, it’s just that they fade a little early .You would almost certainly end up significantly degrading your  Lascala’s by putting these into your system  . Looks like they would high pass your speakers  at 150hz  that’s no good either , I wouldn’t even think of using them , not  a good sub for home use .IMHO🤓

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