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KG4 polyswitch

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I just picked up some KG4s that I'm refurbishing.


I've read a lot of different views on the polyswitches.


My understanding is that the old version of the KG4 had no polyswitch, but had ferrofluid tweeters.


Mine is the newer design that has no ferrofluid and has the polyswitch.


I like the idea of keeping the protection in place and thought it would make sense to replace them.


The old polyswitches still measure .5 ohm which is correct.


The new ones I ordered (TE Connectivity Raychem RXEF050) from parts express, however, both measure .8 ohm, which is a 60% variation.


So, should I leave the old ones in?  Should I find a better replacement that is in spec?


What are your thoughts?


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