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Looking for speaker info


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We need some more info from you to give you an answer. What model are they? If you don't know, can you describe them for us? What drivers? Cabinet dimensions and finish? There were three series of Tangent speakers each with at least 5 models that were produced over the years. If you can give us a little more info, I'll tell you what you have. (One thing for sure you have is a good deal! $20 for a pair of Klipsch!!!)


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Thanks JimG for your help. I'll give you all of the info that I have. They are in a dark wood box. Box is 41"Hx15.5"Wx14"D. Speakers consist of 2-12" cone speakers and 1-10"x4.5" horn and 1-6"x3.5" horn. The little tag on the back says Tangent 500 S/N 1992 95191. Inspected by: Pat Beavers(?)Tested by: Vance Hortons(?). The reason I have question marks is that these names are hand written and hard to make out.

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Well, as you probably know by now, you have a pair of Tangent 500s. Some specs are:

Freq Resp: 35hz - 20kHz

Sensitivity: 97db

Power Handling: 150w RMS / 750w peak

Impedance: 8 ohms

Weight: 51 lbs each

Years Made: '91-'93

MSRP: $800

Pretty good deal for $20!! Your wife needs to be praised and rewarded.


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