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Replacement Bluetooth transmitter for R80SWi


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I recently purchased a used R80SWi from the Goodwill app that was listed with and had pics of the wireless transmitter unit along with the sub itself. Of course when it arrived, the transmitter is nowhere to be found, and the seller can’t locate it. I already have one R80SWi paired with my set of The Fives, and was planning to add this as a second sub in the opposite corner to really round out the bass. I know that two subs cannot both be bound to the same transmitter.


My question is, will any generic Bluetooth transmitter work with these, or do I have to use the proprietary Klipsch transmitter box? attached is a pic of a random no-name cheap one I found on eBay…would something like that work? The Klipsch transmitters are hard to find and cost more than what I paid for the whole sub. 



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