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Paul McCartney Live at the Cavern Club dvd-video


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ok, i got a chance to sit down in the sweet spot & really listen (cranked to 110db or so mostly) & watch PM Live at the Cavern Club. i put a link below to a review I mostly agree with.

definitely agree the dts 5.1 is best. pretty good mix & w/ PM on bass sounds much better w/ the dts which as usual has tighter & more dynamic bass among an overall better sound. & seems the mixer slid the bass up some to give some more exposure to PM. 16.gif

good recording. has a sound like you're there in the club w/ the 300 or so guests.

songs are fast moving rockin oldies from the early beatle days along w/ some newbies w/ the same sound. has "all shook up" & "i saw her standing there" among others.

gilmour rocks well & has some great solos along w/ backup vocals. also in the band are mick green on guitar & ian paice (deep purple) on drums, & a few other talented guys.

i'd say its a must-have for big PM fans & a good choice for any rock 'n roller.


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moon, good question since HFO dts is still the standard, sound engineering masterpiece for me. that's what i still compare every other disc to, & this one isn't that good. which doesn't mean its bad. 2.gif that reminds me, i need to find out who the sound guys were on HFO & see if they have any other work out there.

the reviewer above gave it an A- for audio. i'd give it a B+. i'd give HFO an A+. jmo.

makes it hard because of the band too. the eagles are tight. this is a pretty improv show where PM got together w/ David Gilmour & the boys for pretty much a jam session of rockin' tunes from yesteryear (or newer songs like them).

oh, & sorry to read about your accident. hope all goes well for you.

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hey thanks for the review. I can't say that I am an avid fan of Paul in that I have all his recordings, but all the popular stuff he ever came out with on the radio I have always been some of my all time favorite music. I do have his greatest hits CD. Just about wore it out. hey could have left the Michael Jackson stuff off though.2.gif

And my wrist is doing much better. I am able to type with my left hand now.

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