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Klipsch R-51RPM USB Error Code 10


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Long story short, I own two sets of R-51PM's, one for my computer and one for my TV.  I had always run my computer set over USB on two different computers w/o issues.  I recently moved, during setting back up my computer I grabbed the wrong set of R-51PM's and hooked them to my computer.  They worked fine, but didn't have the rubber feet installed, so I swapped them out for the other set that did.  The ones with the rubber feet were my computer set, they're on stands so the feet help keep them more secure.  Shortly after this point I started having issues with my speakers.  I would notice random times when my audio would drop and Windows 11 was doing something with devices.  I tried BIOS updates, chipset driver updates, etc...  Finally, and note there were some Windows updates around this time, my speakers stopped working.  So I decided to check my USB cable and make sure it wasn't pinched or damaged in anyway.  Didn't find any issues there, switch USB ports multiple times, etc...  I even tried switching my main speaker, right one, back to the one for my TV.  Now all I'm getting is this on a USB Composite Device:


This device cannot start. (Code 10)



I've tried switching sets of R-51RPM's, tried different cables and ports for USB, and even tried hooking them to my wife's computer.  I still always get the same error.  I have done a factory reset on the speakers.


If anyone else is experiencing these issues I'd appreciate any advice.  Both set work perfectly over Bluetooth.


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Tried hooking a music player to the AUX port on the speaker, no issues.  Same as Bluetooth, everything works fine.  Just can't figure out how the USB port on two different sets of R-51PMs would have gone out at once.  Just to reiterate, I've tried multiple USB cables, multiple USB ports, and even tried connecting them to a different computer running a different version of Windows.

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