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3D Blaster® Annihilator� 2 MX PCI


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Are you looking for a PCI card because you don't have an AGP slot? If you don't have an AGP slot I'm assuming your puter is pretty old in which case a Gforce card may not be a good idea where the cards speed is usually proportional to the processor speed. If the processor can't keep up with what the cards putting out then.... Maybe you should look for a TNT card if that is the case. If not then getting an AGP card for a few more dollars would be a much wiser decision.

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Thanks Mark. My computer is over two years old and I don't have a agp slot.

What about a voodoo4 card or would a TNT card be best? Video cards are one of the only things that I don't know much about and I want to make sure I get the best card for my computer in the price range.

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I tell you one thing I kept my Gateway 2000 (when the 2000 was still part of the name) Pentim 125 alive and kicking with 2 video card updates and a PCI sound card. Anything to off load instructions from the processor will help. Now if you do get a Vodoo card be warned!!! They have just gone under and support for them will soon be gone. A TNT2(you might be able to find the 64meg version too) PCI card will definately pump a little juice back into an older machine. Even a new soundcard would too. If you play games that would definately be a step in the right direction. If you are just looking to keep your machine alive a while longer those are the cheap band aids. A little RAM would hurt either. hehe! Good luck!!!!

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