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SOLD - 1977 Walnut Klipschorns - Maine


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It pains me a bit to do this, but I'm putting my Klipschorns up for sale.  I've enjoyed the heck out of them for the last three years, but I've now downsized to a more "location appropriate" pair of Cornwalls.


The Khorns are Walnut (KB-WO).  Cosmetically, they're in good shape.  A few bits of edge banding are missing and a couple of minor scratches, but they look great for forty-six years old speakers.  Serial numbers are consecutive.  The cross-overs are modified "AA."  They were done by @Deang while he owned them and sound great.  You'll also note that I built false backs that are easily removable.


The speakers are currently located in Carrabassett Valley Maine.  If you'd like to hear them, that's the easiest location.  I can also move them to the much more convenient Freeport Maine, but it'll be tough to audition them here.  First $3750 takes them.


Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or for more photos.





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