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Klipschorns with McIntosh C11 Preamp?


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I have an opportunity to purchase a classic C11 in near mint condition and recently serviced by a licensed McIntosh service provider.  I have a MC225 amplifier that I would like to pair with a vintage tube preamp, and that is where the C11 comes in.  Just looking for anyone who has an educated opinion about this preamplifier and my KHorns or similar Heritage series speakers.  The asking price is significant, but I know it is a fair market price.  Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated.



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I use a C11(and MX110z) with several vintage Mc tube(including a 225) and SS amps, and my La Scala's and it's a wonderful combination. If you're confident that the restoration was done properly and the price is affordable to you, go for it. You'll never lose money on a vintage Mc piece(unless the price your paying is way over current market) so if you don't like it you can easily unload.


A 225/C11 with Khorns is as good as it gets.

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