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Need serious help from the pros


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I have two questions to anyone who wants to help.

I just bought a pair of Klipsch KP-250 IIs(KP-2500-C on the serial # tags) for $350 Canadian.

When I got home I found out why they were so cheap-here's the list:

1- only one of the 12" drivers are original(the replacement is a nameless speaker with an orange price tag that says "Special $59.95" yuk!)so I need a K-42-KP 12" woofer

2-Only 1 speaker has the bottom socket for stands.(need one of those too!)

3-I only have 6 Screws and spacers for the grills, so I need 6 more of each.

Is there any sure way to test the speakers to make sure that everything is tip top?

Question two: I own a pair of LaScala's and want to know their vintage(year of production)

Here are the serial #s



Thanks for all the help

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Guest Matt Whatley


Give customer service, Trey or myself a phone call at 800-554-7724 regarding your 250's.

Your Lascalas were produced in 1977.

Matt Whatley

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