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AW-500-SM (Outdoor Center Channel)

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Hey Guys.

So trying to dial in my outdoor audio set up. Hard to tell from the pic but you will see two AW 650s in the pool area and then I have two AW 525s in the covered porch area on the far right where there are string lights.

The 525s sound great sitting in the covered area and the 650s sound really good when swimming around the pool or in the backyard. However, there is a dead spot where the lounge chairs are as well as where my grills are (and the ladder). I have both sets of outdoor speakers running off an older denon x1700h AVR using both zones. That way i can have the pool area jamming but dont have to turn on the patio area or vice versa. However, when i am by the grill or on the lounge chairs, i really need to turn on both the pool 650s to my left and the patio 525 to my right to fill out the sound. 

So I am thinking about buying the AW 500 SM, placing it above the middle window (where my right channel 650 is currently in the pic) and taking the 650 and moving it to the right, above the window nearest to the right corner. I guessing I would run off the AVR left/center/right, and select multi CH stereo on the AVR. 


What do you guys think? Would that help fill out my backyard area even more? 


Or should I just buy another pair of 650s, have three mounted up in a row, and keep the extra as a back up? 


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Thanks for the reply. Yes it is 7.2. 

So currently using the front left/right channels and the 2nd zone. 

I could use the rear channels as well yes, but placement of the speakers elsewhere could be problematic. If money was not an issue id get some landscaping speakers and put them in the back to make use of the extra channels but those are very expensive. 

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