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Want KP-480s and Amp Info!


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In the near future I would like to get a set of KP-480 Bass Bins for my Dj set-up, Anyone know where to get these used?

I'm putting these together with my carpeted version of KP-250(as mains).

My other question was about what amp I should use for A)my Dj set-up I just mentionned and B)another amp for my LaScala's I use at home.

For my home set-up I currently use the LaScala's as mains and haven't really decided on if I'll go home theater or 2 Channel Audiophile, so please give me the pros & cons about tube amps/Solidstate/5-CH Surround.

I know you guys are gonna laugh but here is what I got as a system so far:

2-1995 Klipsch KP-2500-C

2-1977 Klipsch LaScala's (Black)

2-Technics Sl-1200 mk2 Turntables

1-Vestax PMC-17A Mixer

1-Toshiba SD-1600 DVD Player

1-Yamaha CDX-720 CD Player

1-Vector Research VCX-500 Tape Deck

1-Pioneer CT-W404R Tape Deck

1-RCA "Home Theater" 4-Head HiFi VCR

1-Sony SLV-585HF 4-Head HiFi VCR

1-Sony STR-D965 Reciever/Amp(Yeah I know, Yuk)

I'm open to any suggestions!


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