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SB-2 Speaker stands---any recommendation?


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I'm an amateur starting with my first home theater system: Denon 2802, SF-2, SB-2,

SBW-12, and a Boston Acoustics VR910(Tweeter didn't have any Klipsch center channels--they're dropping the Klipsch line--or as they told me Klipsch is dropping them). What would you recommend for some bookshelf stands for the SB-2's?? Thanks in advance.


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I'm also a newbie and am looking into the same thing - if you're trying to do the budget-conscious approach (probably sacrilegious to suggest on a Klipsch forum) you might watch Overstock.com - from time to time they have cheap speaker stands available. Right now they have some by "Chicago Audio Group" - whoever that is:


I bought a pair of Sanus stands from Overstock about a year ago for a pair of SB-3's...do the job fine and not unpleasant to the eye when paired with black bookshelf speakers.

I too would be interested to know what people have had success with. The metal technology stands suggestion look good, but $100 is pretty steep for a pair of speaker stands in my opinion. However, it's likely that we get what we pay for, and with the Overstock stuff in particular it's possible that they're simply not built for speakers of the SB-2 size.

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