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  1. im getting almost the exact same speakers as u scott. im on a budget too, so i cant get anything like floorstanders yet. glad u like urs cause now im really itchin to buy mines. but i gotta save up a lil more $$$
  2. ok after researching some more threads. i have found out that my best bang for the buck would be RB-25 with an RC-35. that way i have an 6.5" cones all in the front. i read that matching cone sizes will provide great soundstage. i have also found a great deal on velodyne CHT-10 on one call for $200. for the surrounds, that will have to wait later for an upgrade and i will probably use the synergy SS-1 for now. if the upgrade big hits me down the road i can always move the RB-25s in the rear. and get something like floorstanders (RF-25/35) like the previous posters suggested. this is my final set up: J&R : Klipsch RB-25 $399 J&R : Klipsch RC-35 $399 onecall: velodyne cht-10 $190 total : $988
  3. thanks for the feedback! do u think the velodyne CHT-10 would be a good match for the RB-25s?
  4. hello, i finally have decided to move up and upgrade but i am looking for the best cost/performance ratio. i have a small 26 X 11 room in my basement and do not want somethin overkill. i will 1st replace the front 3 speakers. my old ones were the SB-3 and KSC-C1. now im going for RB-25 and RC-25. what do u guys think of this set up?
  5. "The Klipsch Synergy series, whether entry level or not, still buries everything in its price range" I agree! GO SYNERGY!
  6. unfortunately SACD's only output 1 bit compared to dvd-audio 24 bit. i never compared SACD to DVD-audio so i dont really know the difference in sound quality, but neither should be superior than the other.
  7. i bought a denon 1803 receiver from pcmall.com. they are authorized denon refurb sellers. i had mines for less than a month now and it sounds great!
  8. The prices have not gone down. For example, the SB3 is $449 which is the original retail price. I was hoping that the prices would decrease because of the new reference models out right now. People might as well jump into reference because the people who buy the synergy from BB will feel cheated when they compare the price against RB25
  9. i use metal technology stands on my SB3's. it matches really nice. check it out http://www.uniquestylesolutions.com/wmt-tmt_series.asp
  10. how long will best buy be carrying the synergies? and how much will they cost?
  11. hi, i also went from promedia 4.1 to klipsch synergy speakers. couldnt believe the difference i heard from promedia to SB3 monitors. enjoy them
  12. glad you like them my synergy brother! :cheers:
  13. hey nash thanks for stickin up for the synergies. i too suddenly feel that the synergy line isnt getting any praise in here. After all they are klipsch speakers. how bad can they be compared to other brands' entry level line? im sure there are proud synergy owners out there, but i wonder if they are intimidated to post here cause they might feel discouraged suddenly when they see a post such as "ohhh my god i got the RF7". ya i know.. im envious
  14. thanks ears i did toe them in and i heard a huge change in sound compared to leaving the speakers facing forward. i guess i'll leave them that way for now on As of now i'll keep experimenting on how much to toe in.
  15. i have read that its best not to toe in bright speakers. the mains should be pointed straight forward. This is regarding to any bookshelf speakers. Do these methods really make a difference or not?
  16. sorry its the top plate NOT the base plate
  17. hi does anyone know how big the top plate has to be to acommodate my SB3s? is 6 by 6 good? i dont wanna get something too small cause im scared my monitors might fall over.
  18. great!! i just bought my SB-3's last month. im think im gonna go bang my head against the wall now
  19. i currently have the HTIB system made by onkyo (HT-S650). I do have a center, but its an onkyo center. it doesnt really sound well with my SB3 mains that i upgraded to recently. My reciever sounds pretty good right now since its high current. But i think i should finish upgrading to all synergys first before getting a new receiver. What do you think?
  20. hello! i am currently in the process of upgrading my onkyo HT-S650. Right now i have replaced the mains with the SB3. the current receiver i have is basically the TX-SR500. I was planning to buy the SC1 at the wiz for $250, but that denon at ecost is only $300 including shipping! what do i do??
  21. which of the two produces better sound quality and what are the differences?
  22. im looking for a nice subwoofer that go well with my SB-3's. I have a small room so i dont really have the space for a 10" sub. Im leaning towards the velodyne CHT-8. My budget is $300. Thanks
  23. Hoju

    SB1 vs SB2?

    well the wiz had a new years clearance sale. 25% off all speakers so i ended up paying only $320 for the SB3 rather than the list price which was $430. i might as well take advantage of the discount.
  24. Hoju

    SB1 vs SB2?

    finally got my SB3's and woohoooo they sound really good!. i felt that it was a huge upgrade cause i was using HTIB speakers before. the sounds were nice and full and the brightness wasnt too harsh. i cant imagine how they will sound like once they are broken in.
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