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  1. Thanks fellas! I have not yet heard the RB10 as rear duty... I am going to try to pick up the system from the sellers house tonight. I will post new pics once I get them. Joey
  2. Hey guys, I've been a member here for some time now and started out with the Klipsch Promedia 4.1. I've always wanted to get a Klipsch HT once I had the space and I think now I do! There's a local guy selling his Reference IV setup and I just committed to it. I'm going to be picking up a set of RF62, RC62, and a pair of RB10! I know this set up will last me a long time for HT, my 2channel is listed below. Now, is the RB10 sufficient for rears for movies (not multichannel music)? Should I not pick this speaker pair up and wait for a pair of RB51 to pop up locally or on ebay? Thanks! And this is the room that they'll be in.... Joey
  3. I had the Klipsch 4.1s when I first joined the forum. As far as I know, the guy who bought them from me still says that they still work. That's about 4 years old! Those guys started me on this crazy audio trip... now my PC speakers are 50x more expensive than my original 4.1s.
  4. Congrats on the Summits! - Joey, another Summit owner, but still a Klipsch afficionado.
  5. I vote this thread as one which got derailed more than once... maybe even three or four times..... It was a good run though. Thanks for the input guys!
  6. "I'll bet Pinipig523 wonders what happened to his/her/its post! James" I'm a he... and yes, I was more than a little shocked to see my thread became 9 pages long! I figured that there were a lot of opinions regarding the RF83, but when I read it, I realized that it was like a reality show! LOL! And to think that I know Kathy Mason from HTguide (Club Rotel)... yikes! Good catch Amy!
  7. Having the horn crossed over that low could be the reason why it sounded a little thin... something just didnt sound right to me.
  8. Jay - regarding the Summits, no I dont work at a dealer.... so I bought it on my own steam. It helps though when you're buddies with the dealer. Regarding the Summits - these are not like the previous ML generation (ala Aeon, Ascent, Oddysey, Prodigy) - the new XStats are very very good at reproducing the low end as Martin Logan has employed Descent technology into the Summits.... sealed configuration dual 10" aluminum woofers with ICE Digital switching amplification. Flat down to 24hz with eq at 25hz and 50hz for better room integration. Honestly, I doubt it's the amplifier... the RB1090 isnt embarassed to power the Summits or the 802D and I doubt it would be on the Klipsch. 1090 is comparable to the better amps out there and outshined by the Plinius offerings, upper Classe, and Bryston 4BSST to name a few... Krell FPB notwithstanding (a super amp that needs no comparison). Reading your responses, most seem to think it could be break in... possibly, I'll call my dealer and inquire as to how long the RF83s have been playing. That could be it, but I doubt it as there wasnt that midrange that I remember the RF7s had... though it's been so long since I heard the RF7 that my mind could just be playing games with me. I was wondering if anyone else heard what I heard.... a slightly veiled midrange? Perhaps the 8" woofers are not resolute enough to cover the critical midrange frequencies with ease and thus the "veil". Maybe I would be better off with the THX Klipsch setup? This is probably the next I'd have to audition... I must say, I think the new Klipsch Reference are pretty good looking - they ironed out the corners and brashness of the older RF and the newer RFs are definitely svelte. Love the copper woofers with the inverted dust cap. Oh, and the magnetic grills are definitely slick. Some may feel that I'm comparing apples to oranges - and perhaps that's what it seems like, but I'm looking for an HT setup as it is impossible to build around an 802D setup or the Martin Logan setup at this time. I was hoping to spend around $5-7K on a decent HT setup and have always regarded Klipsch as a powerhouse especially in HT.
  9. Jay... I remember you from the promedia forums... nice . I even tried the Krell 400xi and the newer Rotel Class D RB1091 monoblocks (these sound very different from the 1090, though I think the 1090 is still the best Rotel of all). Dont know how much better of an amp I can use considering these amps already approach the price of the RF83 alone. And no... I dont own the 802D (the 802D were right next to the RF83) but I do own the Martin Logan Summits... both are evenly priced at around the $12K mark. I was auditioning the RF83 as I started my audio journey with the Klipsch Promedia 4.1 about 4 years ago and have a full Klipsch setup at my parents' family room due to my recommendation (instead of bose). I was thinking of the RF83 as the backbone of my upcoming HT setup. It's hard to build around Martin Logans as they are very costly. Even with the RSW12, I still found the RF83 lacking.... dont know what though. I was hoping for dynamic sound suitable for HT but it was slightly veiled and lacking in overall resolution. I'm hoping to audition again just to make sure. Anyone have thoughts on the RF83 vs the previous flagship - the RF7? Am I better off going with an RF7 (if I can find one)?
  10. Man... I came out disappointed from my RF83 audition. It was powered by a Rotel RB1090 and even this monster amp could not bring out the midrange enough. The RF83 sounded slightly thin and didnt have the midrange dynamics that I expected from the Klipsch RF flagship speaker. Not only was the bass a bit on the leaner and anemic side, but the guitar (acoustics is usually Klipsch's forte) from a track by the Dave Matthews band sounded bland and blended in, there wasnt that authoritative twang that I heard when I listen to my Martin Logan Summits or the BW 802D (diamonds) speakers... albeit, those are on a completely different price league. I was looking to add the RF83 as part of my upcoming HT arsenal, but I'm not so sure after the audition. Does anyone have similar thoughts regarding the newly announced RF83?
  11. The Bose Triports are among the worst headphones for the cash you pay. I had them and I compared them to some $50 sonys and the sony sounded better. If you are willing to spend the cash, you can easily get a headphone setup that will tear apart the Bose for the same amount of cash. Some headphones to look at: Sennheiser HD580/600/or the top of the line: HD650. Grado SR60/80/125/225/325/RS1/2 Sony SA5000 You can spend a lot on headphones and its amplifiers. Here is my headphone rig: Sennheiser HD650 ($550) HeadAmp GS-1 amplifier ($750) Go to headfi.org to learn more if you are interested in a real good reference pair of headphones. Go Bose if you want to be popular among the regular crowd. Go somewhere else if you want SQ.
  12. As always ear, a little crazy but subhuman indeed! Enjoy your new babies! Oh and what happend to the PCU?
  13. I would say KSW12... but as said above, look and take into consideration the Sub12.
  14. Oh my... I forgot that I posted here. These were sold on ebay for $165... thanks guys for the interest. Unfortunately, these were sold a month or so ago. Check out MD's 4.1 that he is selling.
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