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Outlaw 750/Denon 3300/RF3 users


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Im thinking about getting the outlaw 750 or maybe the 7 channel amp (whn it comes out in July) to take over my amplification duties and allowing my Denon 3300 to do the pre/pro stuff. I have Klipsch reference all around and I was wondering if anybody else has this set up or similar set up. Looking for opinions and reviews of your set up after adding either the Outlaw or an amp.

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I use an Outlaw 1050 receiver with both my Heritage (Klipschorns & La Scalas) home theater system and with my Klipsch THX system. I am thinking of adding the 750 to the THX system (the 1050 has plenty of power for the super efficent Heritage speakes) but I could use a little more power for the THX system. The Outlaw products have received outstanding reviews and are exceptional values. I just heard the 750 at the NYC Home Theater Show this weekend. It was being used in the Outlaw/ Dolby Labs joint presentation and in the AudioReview.com components of the year exhibit. I highly recommend both Outlaw products. Their customer service is exceptional.

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