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  1. I have a Denon 3300 and a 20-39PC SVS sub. I have it connected to the Denon with a single out RCA. I turned my bypass crossover to (on) and let the Denon's bass management filter the 80 Hz and below to my sub. I also have my sub calibrated 2 dbs over my mains. I have my mains set to small. Does it sound better with your sub on or off using your Denon's OSD. How about sub/fronts on? or OFF? Just curious, I love my RF3/Denon setup. The SVS was icing on the cake
  2. Would the Outlaw 750 damage my RF3, RC3,RS3 speakers? The outlaw amp is rated at 165 x 5. I believe the Reference line is rated at 150 watts continous and 600 peak? Does anyone know if this would be true?
  3. Im thinking about getting the outlaw 750 or maybe the 7 channel amp (whn it comes out in July) to take over my amplification duties and allowing my Denon 3300 to do the pre/pro stuff. I have Klipsch reference all around and I was wondering if anybody else has this set up or similar set up. Looking for opinions and reviews of your set up after adding either the Outlaw or an amp.
  4. Another vote for SVS. I have the SVS20-39PC for 750.00 shipped to your door will blow anything away in its price range and above. It will roll klipsch 12 or 15 KSW on its back. I have a very large room opened up to a kitchen and at reference levels I can get 108dbs of clean deep bass. There in a class of there own. They also have a new line coming out called the SS, which is suppose to be 3x as good. Don't skimp on your bass. Save a little more money and get yourself a great sub not a good sub. The paradigm 2200 is also a good sub. The servo is better but at 1500.00 its not as good as the SVS. Several people have a/b 'd the SVS verses the Servo and the SVS won. Just my thoughts, I know not many people of the SVS on this board and get a little fired up underneath the collar when its brought up
  5. ToddB

    avia disk

    Boa, One of the few test disk that passes the LFE signal is video essentials. I hope that helps
  6. TKA, Get yourself a coaxial cable and hook it up to your receiver. And What Doug said, let your ears be the judge. I have an old Sony CD player analog only (1993 model) and When playing CD's on that vs my DVD player the difference is minimal at best or psychological thinking I should be hearing something different
  7. TKA, Do you have your DVD connected to your receiver via coaxial cable into your Denon's single Digital input? If you do, then you go into yor setup menu (OSD) and select your DVD player as being the Digital input device. On your DVD player (I have a Toshiba) you go to audio and I click Bitstream on my toshiba. Bitstream is what passes the DTS/DD/Digital singal from the DVD player to your receiver. Have you been playing your DVD's in DD or DTS? I play my CD's on my DVD player and On my receiver if I put it in Auto function (LHS where the red lights are) this will pass the digital signal. I can also hit analog and play my CD's in the Analog mode as well. I hope this helps you
  8. Kathy, I have a set of White RS3's that are mounted 7ft up and 4 feet back of my couch. They are mounted on the side walls facing each other. I have a very light biege walls with a white ceiling and white molding and they look very good on the walls. Actually they blend in so well you actually have to focus in on them to really see them. They are a bit bulky, but for the sound, and dynamics of these surrounds, I wouldn't go with anyuthing else. Their bass response and overall clarity surpass their bulkiness. Just my 2 cents
  9. Vega, To bi-wire (IMO you really don't hear much difference, psychological) is that you have 4 binding posts on the back of your speakers. You also have a metal plate in the middle (looks like it is gold) To Bi-wire you need special wiring that will fit all 4 bonding posts and then you run that wire into your receiver. Has really nothing to do with your A/B on your receiver. Postioning of RF3's, I have a huge Armoire and my speakers set right next to by armoire, about 8 inches from both sides. I have a huge room so angling them in actually hurt my performance than having them sit straight ahead. That is something you need to play around with, everyones ears are different. Congrads on a great speaker purchase, I have had mine since November and I could't be happier.
  10. Boris, I have the Denon 3300 so Im sure its the same setup. I have a toshiba SD 1200 DVD player. My setup, Run the S-Video from DVD to the Television. Run a coaxial from DVD to the Receiver (Bitstream on my Denon that passes the DTS/DD to the receiver). Ok, On my reciever, I assign the DVD to the coaxial out on the setup menu. Then you have to go back into your DVD setup menu and assign the audio output to Bitstream, so it knows to pass the DD/DTS to the receiver. You should have 3 options, 2 channel audio, PCM, and Bitstream. Then when you pop in the DVD you need to select which audio you want. Hit DVD on the receiver and you should have sound.
  11. Just curious to how many people here have a SVS sub in their arsenal? I have the 20-39PC and Im just thrilled to death. It blows my buddys KSW15 out of the water for deep,clean,tight,accurate bass. The SVS and the HSU have the cleanest bass on the MKT. I went with the SVS due to price and due to the 100's of recommendations at the Home Theater Forum, and of course our guru of bass Tom V.
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