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  1. Anyone out there know about the TEAC reference components? I have not seen the TEAC name for years and even then it was on good reel to reel tape recorders not amps. They make some small components that will fit in my entertainment center. I will be using SB-2 towers. Thanks Terry
  2. Thanks for the imput, I tried some Sennheisers at $100 but a friend let me use his Sony 7506 at the same price and they were more compact folded and the sound was a little crisper. I decided I really wanted comfort and the Sony's fit better and are lighter. My basic need is for something to use for music and movies on my Mac titanium lap top will flying on the airlines. The closed design muffled more ambient noise than the open design and I am not sold on the noise cancelling technology. Terry
  3. Now that you have got me looking at the better headphones, I get the feeling that the better sounds headphones do not have the noise reduction feature. I understand the closed and open designs but this noise reduction seems to be some sort of electronic filtering. Do you give up sound quality for the noise reduction? Terry
  4. Hi, I am looking for a good headset for music and computer hookups. I looked at the Bose set they are advertising in the inflight mags but I have nothing to compare them to at $300. I want the noise muffling feature so I think I need the over the ear style. Any suggestions? Thanks Terry
  5. Hi, I have discovered that the 6 pin cable or the connector in the sub has a problem, I have to wiggle the cable connector just right or I get no sound or a static and thumping sound. When I looked inside the sub the female connector is attached to a circuit board which I don't think it can be worked on, and I have not been able to find the cable and the male connector to see if that is the problem . (I do think the problem is inside the sub.) Any suggestions? What is the warranty on this product? Thanks Terry
  6. I have a set of 2.1s running on a Imac, in the middle of the night there was a pounding sound coming from the speakers. It was loud enough to wake my wife one night and me a few nights later. Both nights we shut the power off to the speakers to stop it. I think that there was feedback to the computer because there is a PRAM problem now, propably the mother board got fried. Has anyone incountered this problem or know what would cause it? Thanks Terry
  7. Yea, I am just kidding. If he will put this much effort into watching movies just think what he could do if he was trying to pick up girls. That is one tremendous home theatre, he had a vision and the money to make it real. Thanks for showing it to us. TKA
  8. You think he is flaunting this? His other sites are dedicated to his disco with the glass ball and floor from STUDIO 54 and his own bowling alley he got from the White House when they put in a couple of new lanes. So much fun so little time.
  9. On the old site there was a chart that match speakers for surround sound. I don't know if it is still on the redone site they are using now. Anyway, the SS-1 for rears, SC-1 for a center and I think the 12inch sub is what is recommended with the KG-2s. They package this all together as a surround setup that includes SF-1 instead of the KG-2s, I bought this group and switched the towers for the bookselves because of space reasons and it works just fine. Most of the people on this site would recommend you go with the higher level speakers. (The KG-2 as well as the Synergy line are entry level.) Hope this helps. TKA
  10. If you scroll down the list of forums you will see general questions under the ProMedia section, they can help you. TKA
  11. TKA

    Big Screen TV

    Thanks for the replies. This Set is for my Mother and Father in law. I have a 50 in Hitachi that came with this house and it is getting old but still works pretty well. I have big Sony tube sets and like them fine (heavy if you ever have to carry them). What I need to know is if the 53xbr is current as far as digital and whatever else is going to be coming in the next 5 years. I agree with your feelings that the Sonys own the tube market and I have always heard the Hitachis are good projection TVs and I will do the comparision. TKA
  12. TKA

    Big Screen TV

    Anyone have an opinion of the Sony TV... KP53XBR300 for $3300? It maybe the 2000 version, I think the only thing they offer now is a 57 inch. Thanks TKA
  13. Same kind of thing is happening with rock bands and the albums they put out. There was a time when a band released a new group of songs it was a big deal and everyone was talking about it. Now a band seems to have a hard time putting three good cuts on a new release. Times are changing. TKA
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