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DD 5.1 or DTS 5.1 for DVD movies


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Is there a FAQ I can read about DTS 5.1 versus Dolby Digital 5.1 somewhere?

Thanks fellas!

I am learning - I knew nothing a couple of days ago, and now I know a little bit more. Thx.


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porsche (there is no substitute Smile.gif), check out www.dtsonline.com & www.dolby.com

i believe spielberg had a lot to do w/ the founding of DTS. can't believe they didn't release Ryan on DTS right off. dolby has a pretty strong lobby i guess.

though i lean toward DTS, a lot still depends on the mixing jobs.


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rock on!

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I've only seen Saving Private Ryan once, and that was in the theatre.

The sound was amazing... (one of those theatres with THX, DTS and DD)

I found the movie very intense, and haven't watched it since. I think I can do it justice on my little home system now.

Thanks for the heads up!


Onkyo TX-DS575X(B) Receiver

Sony DVPS 560D DVD Player

Klipsch Quintet Microtheatre

Klipsch KSW-12 Subwoofer

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Widescreen Review has part 2 of "Dolby Vs DTS"in the June 2001 issue.


Check the site out,might be on there also.The guys at WideScreen like DTS over Dolby.There are differences in the 2,but not enough at times to jump up and down about.Just my oppnion.It's mostly the surround mix,more revealing maybe and the bass is to me a bit deeper.

If I have the choice,I go for DTS.It's a bit different mix.I had the "Haunting"in Dolby EX and got the DTS ES 6.1 descret version.My wife and I love this flick and have watched it a lot.The other night we watched the DTS ES version for the first time and she said she liked the difference.More"you are there".


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It seems that high volume buyers of DVD's (like Blockbuster) may be exerting pressure to get DVD versions that don't include dts as a way of cutting the creators royalty burden... and, perhaps, to increase the amount of extra "stuff" that customers aren't likely to hear on pay TV channels.

I always seem to get an extra measure when I listen to the dts version... and I let the DVD rental staff know when I buy a title somewhere else to get the dts version. The more of us that do that, the more likely we are to have dts (or something better) between our ears. Cool.gif HornEd

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