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Can Klipsch Quintet speakers be hooked to a computer

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I have seen these Klipsch Quintet speakers on ebay and was wondering if i could have these speakers connected to my sound card (SoundBlaster Live Mp3+ 5.1)directly since i don't have a reciever. PLEASE HELP !!!!


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you'll have to have some form of amplification, be it a receiver (most practical and best results with a soundcard, you'd use the digital out of the soundblaster) or separate amplifier(s).

either way, I think you should wait for the upcoming promedia 5.1.

check the promedia board for more info.

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Seb's right.

All the Live! series sound cards are built sans an amplifier, which is actually a good thing. You could hook up directly with lesser quality sound cards that have built-in amps, but there aren't even close to audiophile quality, and they're usually only two-speaker outs. Either get Promedias, or an AV amp.

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