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mad idea from a late night session..


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The other night I was sitting with a friend into the small hours listening to Suzanne Vega's new album (Tried and True) and chatting about where we could take my system now.

Currently the setup is Marantz CD6000, Accuphase E211 integrated amp, Synergistic cables and Heresy 2's. I love my sound but hey, that has never stopped me upgrading before.

There were many options discussed, amougst which came the inevitable question or tube amps. This is something I will do some day, I know, and if I am going tubes then I will go monoblock (why not?)

The problem is space - there is no room to put a pair of amps, unless they go on top of the speakers (not a good idea).

I then suggested we encase the speakers in a marble jacket and we could then put the amps on top of that. This was a joke but it started us thinking.

In theory some sound will be seeping through the Black laquer finish of the Heresy's. If we encased the speakers in a tailor made, snug fitting marble jacket that alone would improve the sound (how much I have no idea).

The thing is that here in Greece Marble is relatively cheap. I could get a pair of jackets made for a very reasonable price (even in black marble which is more expensive). It would certainly look different, not to say cool. The question is what sonic benefits, if any would we really achieve?

Be optimistic people - I am dying to try this one out -lol!

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Wow, maxg, that's heavy! But, if you do it, be sure to beef up your home security. I would hate for you to go to all that work and then put up a post that you lost your marbles... cwm36.gif HornEd

PS: On the serious side, IMHO a slab of marble tightly bonded to the speaker cabinet exterior ought to really stiffen the chamber. Conceivably, you could also but marble on the front with cutouts for a classy exposed speaker look. Now that you have tossed the HT perspective to concentrate on the two-channel world, why not go for it... and post photos. I'm excited, and I grew up next to Colma, the only city designated a "Necratorium" in the U.S.A. Lots of marble orchards, and famous "residents" like Wyatt Earp, here but the marble harvesting price in S.F. is very high even without the inscription. HornEd

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