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When are you coming to Greece BobG?


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We got a lot of systems for you to hear, here.

Actually if anyone on this forum is planning, or fancies, a trip to Greece - Home® of the audiophile just let me know!

Never mind the beaches - you can tan in front of my soon to be tubes.

Excited? Me?

2 more days to go.

48 hours.

2880 minutes.

172,800 seconds.

I am gonna burst!

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I would love to visit Greece, except I would prolly have to sell my Klipsches to afford the trip! Whenever I can stop buying either audio gear, computer gear or guitars and guitar gear, and plan on saving some cash for a trip abroad. Greece would defintely be on my list of destinations. Actually, I go to Greece everyday! There is a small township just west of my town that shares the same name as your fine land. Sadly, the similarity between Greece, NY and Greece ends at the name!

Thanks for the invitation!

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Thanks for the invitation Maxg. Haven't been to Greece for about 3 years. Wonderful country with friendly people and great food. Takes a bit of getting used to for me to eat dinner at 11 but lots of fun. Last time I had the chance to take a day trip up to Saloniki (sorry for butchering the name which is actually Thesolonika (also probably butchered)). Beautiful scenery and really friendly. Did I mention the great food? ;-) Happy to come back soon.

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