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Sean Carter

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Probably a bunch dumb questions but just want to make sure.

I recently purchased a Marsh Sound Design pre-amp (P2000) and amp (A200). I intend to hook the amp up to my Legends (KLF20). The amplifier has two output connections for each channel. The amp is designed to be used with a pair of bi-wire speakers.


1. To hook up the system in bi-wire format all I need is 8 individual speaker wires, take off the medal bridges from the terminals on the back of the speakers, and connect the terminals with the wires? Four wires running to each speaker?

2. What kind of performance improvement should I expect? What is accomplished by doing this? Does bi-wiring allow the speaker to receive more power?


Sean Carter


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Wrong forum buddy. Once accomplished, though, the bass should tighen up and the mids/highs should become clearer. How much of a change you will see depends on your room and setup so it's hard to know exactly what will happen when you bi-wire.

Oh, and your method for bi-wiring is correct

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