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OT: Your latest discovery/defining point--audio or not.....


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Everyone it seems has SOMETHING, often music related, that is sort of their little "ace up the sleeve" I.E. the one thing that you love to tell people you meet, that undiscovered CD that you know about, that technique that you love to share, that factoid that you just have to mention...

Its that one thing in a very small amount of time that distinguishes you-the thing that you hope they go and try, listen, attempt and come back and say "hey-I did/read/saw/heard/whatever "X" and it was great!! thanks!!"

Mine is music or media related--I try to figure out what the person might like, and flip through my knowledge in my head and find something that they MAY have never heard of--and love.


for "new" rock -- VAST self title

Blues -- R.L. Burnside--*** Pocket of Whiskey

Weird Electronic/ambient -- Beaumont Hannant

Soundtracks -- HEAT

Sampling/Industrial/unique --- E.B.N.

etc etc

So---whats yours?

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