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FS: Klipsch KSW-12 440w sub & Denon 3802 Reciever


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does that KSW12 play pretty well(clean/tight/flat freq response/spl output/etc)? I ve listened to klipsch reference subs but never sat down and listened to either of the two synergies that are still being made- the KSW 10 and 12. I would have been interested in it except I already just bought a Titanic mk3 10"/250 wt. best of luck selling it here. Im sure someone will be interested in it. just curious- why are you selling it? what are you going to move up to? a Klipsch Reference sub? SVS?


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I currently use it to compliment my Quintets in a small college apartment. Now that i've graduated, moving into a bigger place, and am full-time employed, i am buying reference all the way around. the 35 series, and I think the RW-15 sub.

The KSW-12 sub is in perfect working condition, with the right frequency crossover and settings it can sound AMAZING. It is a little boomy in movies with rap soundtracks when it gets really super low, but if the levels are right it sounds great.

Someone just demoed it in my room but didn't pull the trigger. It was on a hardwood floor and since i'm moving i have glasses and candles and lots of loose items in the room that rattled so he thought it was the sub in poor condition. His loss.

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