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Is PWK a closet Lowther freak?


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While touring the museum in Hope a couple of weeks ago I noticed lots of Lowther stuff; several of those old upright corner horns, one of those front and rear loaded corner-horns and several drivers. I recall reading once that Klipsch respected Voight, did he listen to these Lowthers on the sly? I wonder how much of the gear in the collection is PWK's.

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You did an excellent job with your website. Good to see fellow horn freaks out there. I agree with your point regarding adding a sub to a properly set up K-horn (or equivalent) system. I demo'd an REL sub and was unimpressed. I'll keep my 4 grand, thank you, and buy more tunes


Get your butt out of my chair!!!!

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Sweet Spot---Thank you, yeah I've been using horns for a long time; LaScalas, Cornwalls, EVs, JBLs, Altecs; liked 'em all. Right now I'm very keen on the Altec 515B woofer in the JBL 4560 bins, not so much for the bass but for the midrange which is the best I've heard, I cross them at 800hz to Altec 806s, very lifelike.

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