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diy horn ?


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I am not trying to be flamebait here but I have a question for you tweakers and diyers.

My brother is buying a nice lathe so he can build some wooden horns for his own system based on some jbl designs. He has offered to build me some wooden horns for my belle's. Has anyone here heard such a critter? If so is it a change for the better or worse? Has this been done before with the heritage line? I wasn't considering this as an option until I saw the jubilee pic with a wooden horn and thought if PWK finally ended up with a wooden horn it may not be such a bad idea.



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There is absolutely nothing wrong with wooden horns.

They promote fully open display when finished nicely.

The only reason that they are not around in abundance is that they are expensive to manufacture.

I say GO FOR IT! sounds like a win-win situation to me!


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