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Would you sign up to demo Heritage line?


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I hope Klipsch does not el foldo the heritage line, I mean it was what the company was built on. Have complete stragers come into your house on your time, thats crazy, thats what stores are for. It is up to the people who work at Klipsch to regenerate the interest in the H. Line...how about ads in stereophile saying the line is alive and well and has been updated thru the years. The proliferation of hi end low powered tube amps are begging to be mated up to these speakers. Companies like quicksilver,Radii,Cary,ARC,VTL,etc are excellent choices with the H. line, heck quicksilver even makes an amp specifically designed for horns, its called the horn mono.

To erase the very speakers that made this name a legend would be a tragedy.

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