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Are they off .... or are they on??


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so .. i turn off my computer .. and ... do the speakers shut off too or what .. the little green led is still on .. all the time ... and im not sure .. but i do think i do hear a slight slight hiss when i put my ears up to the speakers when my computer is off .. so .. are they off .. or on .. or what?

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Dman155 wrote:


The new CP-1 preamp has an on/off switch if you really want that.

I own the CP-1 preamp and the "on/off switch" that was mentioned on the CP-1 preamp is simply an on/off speaker switch. It does not power down any part of the v.2-400...the built-in power-down feature remains the same, with or without the CP-1.

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The switch simply turns off the signal output to the satellites and the sub. With the switch engaged, the LED glows green and the speakers and sub are all active. With the switch disengaged, the LED glows red and all speakers are essentially turned off...no hiss is heard in the off position but the amplifier is still on (I can tell by the heat coming off of it). The switch is mainly there to use the headphone output jack without the speakers being active. The headphone jack is active regardless of what position the switch is in.

The CP-1's bulid quality is much better than the original preamp...the volume controls all have a much tighter and more solid feel to them (I'm pretty sure they upgraded the pots to help eliminate the "scratchy volume knob" problems). The gain is more sensitive on the CP-1 so you have to turn your soundcard's volume down to compensate for this difference. The only drawback I can think of is that the CP-1's noise level/hiss is greater than the original preamp. This doesn't really bother me though since I turn off the v.2-400's along with the PC and don't use them with the PC turned off. The greater noise level is indeed bothering some people that have the speakers on regardless of their PC's on or off status...this can easily be "fixed" by using the CP-1's on/off speaker switch, although I do admit that it can be a pain in the butt to do this every time you don't want to hear the hiss... biggrin.gif

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The switch on the CP-1 just mutes the speakers (+sub), it leaves the headphone jack and everything else on.

?, it probably cost more money, and to compete with the other speakers coming out, Klipsch had to drop some good features to keep the price reasonable.

I haven't noticed any problems yet, and besides muting the input when I go to bed, they're always on.

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